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If you’re seeking a career in sports management in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you will find excellent schools, inspiring employers, and exciting teams to help you on your path. Due to the state’s ideal geographical placement, diverse industries, and robust collegiate sports scene, there are a wide variety of educational and professional routes to success in the sports world.

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Sport Management Degrees in Virginia

Researching your future alma mater should be fun! The following Virginia-based degrees are organized by degree level and discipline and will help you find the right program just for you. Remember to look beyond just the big name schools and learn who your professors will actually be, what they’ve researched and written, and the internship opportunities built into each program. No two programs are alike and each student’s ideal experience varies according to their goals, interests, and learning style.

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Sport Management Master’s Programs

Sport Management Master’s Programs

Liberty University | Lynchburg, VA
Masters in Sports Management

Delivery Method: Online

Credits Required: 36 Credit Hours

Concentrations: Coaching and Athletic Administration, Outdoor Adventure Sport, Tourism

Out of State Tuition (per Credit Hour): $565

Old Dominion University | Norfolk, VA
Masters Degree in Sports Management

Delivery Method: Online

Credits Required: 32 Credit Hours

Local Tuition (per Credit Hour): $551

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Out of State Tuition (per Credit Hour): $1,387

GRE (or GMAT) Required: Yes

Virginia State University | Petersburg, VA
Graduate Degree in Sports Management

Delivery Method: On Campus

Credits Required: 36 Credit Hours

Total Tuition: (Including Fees) In state: $11,989 per year, Out of state: $22,994 per year.

GRE (or GMAT) Required: No

Sport Management Bachelor’s Programs

Sports Administration Programs in Virginia

Virginia is a great place to get your start in the operations side of the sports world with a degree in Sports Administration. Whether you plan to work in a college, high school, or go all the way to the majors, Virginia’s higher education institutions will give you the skills and the network to make it happen!

Sports Administration Master’s Programs

Hampton University | Hampton, VA
Master in Sports Administration

Delivery Method: Online

Credits Required: 33 Credit Hours

Concentrations: Intercollegiate Sports, Sports Business Leadership, International Sports

Out of State Tuition (per Credit Hour): $695

GRE (or GMAT) Required: Yes

James Madison University | Harrisonburg, VA
Master in Sports and Recreation Leadership

Delivery Method: On Campus

Credits Required: 33 Credit Hours

Concentrations: Sport Leadership or Recreation Leadership

Local Tuition (per Credit Hour): $499

Out of State Tuition (per Credit Hour): $1,231

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Sports Administration Bachelor’s Programs

MBA in Sport Management Programs

A cutting-edge academic credential, the business-focused MBA in Sport Management is ideal for those who plan to assume leadership positions in sports organizations. Hone your business skills while staying immersed in the sports world that you love with an MBA in Sport Management.

Virginia’s History and Sports Identity

With a complex character rich with history and a star-studded list of A-list athletes that hail from the Commonwealth, there is something for everyone here. Always a crossroads between North and South, and with a broad mix of cultural influences, it’s a place where people from big cities and small towns, can feel right at home.

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Virginians have been in many ways a step ahead of the rest of the country since its founding. After becoming the first permanent English settlement in North America, the state’s legislative and judicial system had a huge influence on the establishment of the United States’ laws and system of government. Maggie Lena Walker made history twice over in 1903 by founding the first black-owned and first woman-owned bank in Richmond. Earth Day was first proposed at the historic Airlie resort in Warrenton.
It may be surprising to learn that Virginia is the most populous state without a major league sports franchise, however, Washington DC’s teams effectively represent the state’s sports fans. You’ll also find strong support for the Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers, Charlotte Hornets, and other regional teams. Universities in Virginia offer many opportunities to network and build experience with colleagues connected to pro sports and students benefit from these relationships in many ways.

Virginia’s Sports Industry

While the region’s pro sports teams are across state lines from Virginia, several other sectors of the sports economy are large and growing fast. As of April 2020 sports betting is legal in Virginia. Major players in the industry such as MGM, DraftKings, and FanDuel are taking advantage of the newly legalized industry, creating jobs and revenue in this unique offshoot of the sports business. Even with the pandemic happening, or perhaps in part because of it, Virginia became the fastest state to reach $1 billion in bets placed and is rapidly adding to that total.

College sports are a major force in Virginia’s economy. Fourteen of the Commonwealth’s colleges and universities field NCAA Division I Teams, a strong showing for a state with a moderately sized population. Whether in-state or from outside of Virginia, students here play sports at a very high level and in high numbers. The University of Virginia and Virginia Tech are the largest programs in the state. The University of Virginia posted record revenues in the 2019-2020 sports season. This was offset by losses due to fewer games and ticket sales due to Covid19, but it shows that UV sports and college sports overall in Virginia are ready to bounce back as game schedules and attendance return to normal.

The Arlington and Alexandria area adjacent to Washington DC is distinct from the rest of the state economically. Wages, opportunity, and of course traffic and costs are all higher here than elsewhere in the state.The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ reports that the average wage in the area for the class of workers that includes those who work in sports and entertainment is $42.61 per hour, second only to the New York City metro area.

Elsewhere, particularly in more rural parts of the state, wages can vary considerably. If you’re a country person who prioritizes quality of life over money, you may have to search harder for a job and your pay is likely to be lower than it would be in the city, but you’ll be rewarded with the fresh air, small town charm and beautiful scenery of Virginia’s countryside. Wherever you plan to live in Virginia, earning a sport management degree from one of the state’s many excellent colleges is the first step to success.

Helping talented athletes secure future stability and long-lasting careers as players and beyond is one way to carve out a rewarding career in the sports world. There are a number of agencies, media firms and companies in Virginia that serve players at the top of the game, making Virginia a good place to pursue work in this field and one day perhaps launch your own company. Sports law programs are a growing trend and Virginia is one place to find courses, certificates, and degrees that will prepare you for the high stakes world of sports and entertainment agency and representation. Sports media, marketing, and advertising companies thrive in Virginia and offer internships and entry level jobs that will help you build your skills and resume as you advance toward your career goals.

Sports Tech Companies in Virginia

Virginia’s tech sector is second only to that of California in terms of total employment. With the arrival in 2020 of legal sports betting came an increase in jobs for analysts, programmers, and system administrators in the state. A growing number of universities offer Sports Analytics degrees. These degrees make you an attractive candidate in several industries, including sports media, betting, and working in the front office of a professional or collegiate team.

Virginia Sports Teams

Despite the lack of major league franchises inside state lines, there are plenty of legendary sports teams and engaged fans here. On top of that, the collegiate sports market is large, with dozens of NCAA Division I teams. Here are some of the prominent teams that call Virginia home:

Virginia Baseball Teams

There is no lack of exciting baseball teams in Virginia. These teams offer fans a glimpse of the future and a chance to see future stars of the major leagues early in their careers. For sport future management professionals, these teams can offer a foot in the door in professional sports and networking opportunities that will pave the way for exciting future career possibilities. Pursuing volunteer work, internships, and entry level jobs can make a huge, positive difference later in your career. Teams from three different leagues within minor league baseball can be found in Virginia. These are the International (Triple A), Eastern (Double A), Carolina (Class A). In addition, Virginia has several teams in the Appalachian League, formerly affiliated with major league teams, but recently reclassified as a summer collegiate league.

Norfolk Tides: Triple A, Baltimore Orioles affiliate

Richmond Flying Squirrels: Double A, San Francisco Giants affiliate

Lynchburg Hillcats: Class A, Cleveland Indians affiliate

Potomac Nationals, Class A, Washington Nationals affiliate

Salem Red Sox: Class A, Boston Red Sox affiliate

Pulaski River Turtles: Appalachian League

Danville Otterbots: Appalachian League

Bluefield Ridge Runners: Appalachian League

University of Virginia Cavaliers: NCAA Division I

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Virginia Tech Hokies: NCAA Division I

Virginia Football Teams

Washington D.C.’s NFL Team, the Washington Football Team have their practice facilities and operational headquarters in Virginia. The attention grabbing teams in Virginia are primarily at the NCAA Division 1 level where there’s a lot going on. In the NCAA Division I’s highest level, the Football Bowl Subdivision, you’ll find teams from the largest schools in the state.

University of Virginia Cavaliers

Virginia Tech Hokies

William and Mary Tribe

Liberty Flames

Old Dominion MonarchsIn addition, there are a number of semi-professional football teams worth checking out. The Virginia Crusaders, despite a historically unfortunate name, are a very successful team founded in 2006 that has picked up five national titles and nine league titles since then.

Virginia Basketball Teams

As with other major sports, NCAA Division 1 teams are the dominant force in the state’s basketball scene.

The state is home to no less than fourteen NCAA Division 1 men’s basketball teams and thirteen NCAA Division 1 women’s teams. Virginia has a high density of top collegiate teams in comparison with its population. By comparison, New Jersey, a state that has a similar population, has eight such programs.
The Richmond Elite play in the American Basketball Association and are one of the more prominent teams in the ABA. Founded in 2001, the current ABA has no affiliation with the ABA that merged with the NBA in 1976.

Virginia Hockey Teams

The Norfolk Admirals play in the NHL’s mid-level affiliate, the East Coast Hockey League, and the Roanoke Rail Yard Dogs play in the Southern Professional Hockey League, also an NHL affiliate. The larger colleges in Virginia such as the University of Virginia sponsor Division I and Division III teams as well as teams that play in other leagues.

Colorado Soccer Teams

As in much of the US, soccer enjoys massive popularity in the youth, high shool, and even collegiate level. Virginia is home to twelve NCAA Division 1 men’s soccer teams and thirteen women’s teams. There is a growing soccer market in the state with a number of pro and semi-pro teams in need of skilled sports management professionals looking to make their mark on an exciting, emerging sport in the US:

Hampton Roads Piranhas – W-League, USL League Two

Virginia Beach City FC – National Premier Soccer League

Northern Virginia Royals – USL League Two

Richmond Kickers – USL League One

Richmond Kickers Destiny – W-League

Outdoor Sports and Recreation Management Virginia

There are a number of colleges and universities offering Parks Management and Recreation Management programs as well Experiential Education programs. Colorado’s outdoor recreation opportunities are plentiful and it is a big part of the economy. According to the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office (OREC), “…Colorado’s outdoor recreation industry accounts for $37 billion in consumer spending annually and contributes 511,000 direct jobs.” Colorado has millions of acres of public land, thousands of miles of rivers, and 690 peaks over 13,000 feet. It is a wonderland for nature-lovers, and it lends itself to a burgeoning economic force.


While this site isn’t focused on motorsports, you can’t talk about sports in Virginia without mentioning NASCAR, which is the state’s most popular sport. Virginian’s love NASCAR and the state hosts several important races each year. Virginia’s own Wood Brothers Racing is the oldest NASCAR team in the country. 2020 Daytona 500 champion Denny Hamlin started out in Chesterfield. Job and internship seekers in Virginia should definitely consider NASCAR as a possible route to a rewarding career in sports.

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Is a certificate in sports management worth it? ›

A certificate in sports management will also provide you with skills that can allow you to help community sports organizations (such as local leagues) achieve their goals. If this is something you're passionate about, you would almost certainly value this type of rewarding experience.

Is it worth it to major in sports management? ›

Sports management is a good option for degree-seeking students who would someday like to take charge of the business aspect of overseeing a sports team or organization. Needless to say, it is recommended for those with an interest in careers that combine business management with athletics seamlessly.

Which degree is best for sports management? ›

  • Master of Science in Sports Analytics and Management. ...
  • Master of Professional Studies in Sports Industry Management. ...
  • Master of Science in Sport & Fitness Administration. ...
  • Master of Science in Sport Management. ...
  • Global Sports Business Masters. ...
  • Master of International Management (with a specialization in Sports Management)

Is it hard to get a job with a sports management degree? ›

Careers in sports management tend to be highly competitive -- especially in the glamorous and high-profile world of major professional team sports. Even so, the industry always has a place for capable, hard-working, results-oriented professionals.

How do I start a career in sports management? ›

Top 5 Ways to Land Your Dream Job in Sports Management
  1. Get the Right Degree. The first step towards landing a management job in a sports organization is getting a degree in sports management. ...
  2. Work in a College Athletic Department. ...
  3. Tackle an Internship. ...
  4. Diversify Your Skill Set. ...
  5. Network Until You Drop.

What are the requirements for sports management? ›

Admission requirement(s):

A National Senior Certificate with a bachelor's degree or a diploma endorsement, or an equivalent qualification with an achievement level of at least 4 for English (home language or first additional language) and 3 for Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy.


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