Shimano Curado 200K Casting Reels (2023)

Comments: I've used these reels since shortly after they came out and these are my favorite reels. I've got 3 150 Curado Dc's, 1 metanium dc, 2 slx dcs and various other models. I like them all but these are the best reels in my opinion. I back lash more with the Curado Dcs, cast just as far, and still have plenty of line on the spool due to a higher spool capacity.

From: Gabe: Arkanasas 6/7/22

Comments: Worked fine for one season. Maintained throughout the whole season and professionally cleaned at the end. 3rd week of this season the handle nut sheered threads off and the handle came off fighting a 2lb fish. Got a replacement drive shaft and handle nut and got a drive shaft that already had messed up threads from the factory. Reel is going in the trash where it belongs. Wouldn't recommend.

From: Maxx: Maine 5/31/22

Comments: Recently started using (2months) with 16 lb floro. Takes a little time adjusting but when done long cast, smooth retrieves. Reel is solid and very versatile. I bought the reel for punching and A rigs but handles light lures(1/4oz) perfect. You can feel the quality and I would say this reel will last many years.

From: Jethro: Maryland 5/30/22

Comments: I bought two of these reels soon after they came out. I take great care of my gear, and it wasn't long before I could feel resistance when reeling. Even after having them professionally cleaned they still didn't feel smooth like a curado should, especially for the money. The one reel is still decent, but the other I'm getting rid of. It will cast fine for a while, and then suddenly start backlashing over and over, then it stops, then it starts doing it again. I changed to a different braided line thinking that could be the issue, but it didn't help. Not very happy with these reels over all, but have always been a fan of shimano reels and tell other people to buy them all the time. I have a new SLX XT, and its better than these curados so far.

From: Matt: Florida 4/23/22

Comments: I must not be any good at casting this style reel. I've adjusted it countless times and tried casting different weight/lures and they don't seem to go far. Wish I had spent my 200 on a couple spinning reels instead

From: Co: MA 3/27/22

Comments: Very disappointing, the 10 year old Chonarch I replaced with this reel has more range. I adjusted the brakes and it made no difference. I purchased a 150 DC after this reel and for a few more dollars you get a much better reel.

From: David: Florida 12/21/21

Comments: I have the newest of ryoga, conquest and many other higher priced reels. But prefer this price range for daily use. I purchased the pgk and like the 5to1 retrieve. I also have the curado dc, not my favorite control system, but use it as often as any other reel. Let's face it, sometimes a product fails ones expectations, but not a reason to bash a product or manufacturer. I prefer competition in manufacturing, it results in better products for the customer. I like any reel I catch fish with all day comfortably. This reel does both at a reasonable price. This reel is compact compared to previous iterations, which palms great. No out of place edges for comfortable use. Handle length (about 4 in) is nice also. As for drag, I use #12 mono so #11drag is acceptable. It is a bass reel, not a boat winch. The k series has a deep spool which I like. Today many reels are suited for only a few techniques, thus the reason curado's come in so many options...... Buy the best you can afford as a great tool is better than multiple pieces of frustration.

From: Chris: Unknown 11/5/21

Comments: Simply the best. I've used similarly priced options from Lew's and Daiwa, and while those reels are good, the Curado is great. Older Curado models I have had for several years still fish as well as they did out of the box. I can't speak for reviews about catastrophic failures because I have never experienced one with a Curado. However, I am sure that issues I read about stating the reel isn't as smooth any more or doesn't cast as far are simply maintenance issues. Take the whole reel apart, clean the gears with brake cleaner, reapply fresh grease, then reassemble. Do that once or twice a year on top of re-oiling the spool shaft every several outings and these reels will remain in perfect condition. For most applications, this is all I will ever buy.

From: Unknown: 10/26/21

Comments: 1st off....when you hold a Shimano reel in your hands you can feel the's heavy....not in the literal sense but in that way where you can feel the solid, durable build. I haven't used every manufactuer of reels but I've used the main ones, and none can compare to the feel of a Shimano. With that being said, I will never buy another Shimano again. I told myself not to buy this Curado K, but I did, and it broke in 2 weeks and was making grinding noises 4 days after I got it. Set the hook on what was about a 3 pounder and the handle bent and snapped in half. Now I know sometimes you get a dud, that's ok, but Shimano QC seems to have gone downhill. Anyways, the reel breaking isn't why I told myself not to buy the K....I didn't think it would break like that. My complaint with Shimano is this.....All that tech and the solid feel, smooth casting and retrieving, etc.....but they can't find a way to put more than 1 1 pounds of drag, in that, on a reel. But that isn't the main thing.....the line capacity on Shimiano's is a joke. Their supposed 200 size reels with 100 size or less capacity.....really? The Metanium holds 90 yards of 12#. Some people have all that $$$ to have all their reels and 50 rods and each one is specific. Some have only 5 or 10 or less rigs and are constantly retying, which takes line. Zebco Snoopy reels hold more line. Anyways, I have a Curado I bought 4 years ago that has maybe 6 hours use on it; beautiful reel and solid as can be.....but I think it's going in the trash. Once I got my hands on the Tatula 150 and 200's my perfect reel was found and I have yet to have one fail me in any way. Daiwa for life and they are the future of reels.

From: John: Waxahachie, TX 10/23/21

Comments: Update review: after year of use and being meticulously maintained reel has lost its seemless airy rotation. Enjoyed the reel while it was in its prime...I guess I'll have to spend a little more next time on a chronarch. Its a little disheartening that you take care of something as best as possible and still just doesn't last.Just money wasted. Original: Seemless rotation airy feeling.Used in saltwater 0 problems,having a hard time picking the sv's back up.Only reels I have that are as smooth as the K are Quantum smoke hd 200's and Quantum tour s3..Thats right I said Quantum.Tackle warehouse best company in the tackle business.tight lines.

From: Michael: ORMOND BEACH 9/15/21

Comments:Bought two of these recently - for the $150/200 price range nothing comes close to this reel. I've fished every major brand and I honestly donât think anyone comes close to Shimano. With that said, do not waste your money and upgrade to the Digital Control series, the 200K does not backlash. You can cast this reel a mile, it's super smooth, and I swear it's impossible to backlash. Just changed all my reels over to braid and the 200K performs fantastic with the braid. I've paired them with the Dobyns Champion rods and it's a match made in heaven.

From: Ron: North Carolina 7/4/21

Comments:Really like this reel. Got it spooled with 15lb line. Use it for Alabama Rigs, Glide baits, Smaller Swimbaits and magnum cranks. Casts super smooth, reels smooth as glass.

From: Jacob: Redding, CA 5/2/21

Comments: DONT PANIC if you buy this reel and take the side plate off and it wont go back on, its okay you have to do is loosen the spool tension and it will go right back on. Ive seen many comments about this on this reel and other shimano's, its not defective it even says to do this on a piece of paper in the box

From: Austin: Clayton, Georgia 3/4/21

Comments:I will be first to say Diawa is my go too brand of reel. I got this reel on a very good deal and the 5:0:1 is a very and I mean very nice cranking reel. Plenty of power for cranking and can reel at a solid speed, knowing you aren't burning in your crankbait.

From: Jack: 12/10/20

Comments: This reel is an absolute workhorse. I own 4 of these in every gear ratio and with the right rod it can throw a 1/4oz crank to a 2oz swim bait. If you don't know what reel to get and you are a tournament angler or just enjoy fishing with quality gear this is a great option.

From: Unknown: Lake Cumberland 12/6/20

Comments:This is truly an amazing reel. I own four of them now, with my oldest being 2 1/2 years old. All 4 of them are smooth as butter, cast lures insanely far, have super strong drag, durable, and performs like $275+ reels I have. I have been fishing my whole life and this reel is by far the best I have ever used. I use them for everything from shakey heads and jerkbaits to flippin and froggin. With the correct action rod and line size, these reels can bomb anything you want.

From: John, Dayton, TN 11/28/20

Comments:I've owned two of these for about 4 months now. Both are making noises, grinding etc. One is way worse than the other. It sounds like it's full of sand, but it'd not. The other just makes random noises during retrieves, like things grind for a few turns randomly. Also have two SLX 150s that are a king similar noises. I follow the maintenance guidelines. Will never buy Shimano again after being a loyal customer for years.

From: Joe: Massachusetts 9/17/20

Comments:This reel is an absolute workhorse. I have had zero problems. Casts a mile and the retrieve is smooth. Really hard on this thing and have put it through everything. Best reel on the market, pull the trigger mate.

From: Mason: 5/21/20

Comments:Best reel EVER! The review with the drag that didn't catch... You have ghost drag. Either put tape or mono backing under your braid and problem solved.

From:Rocco: New York 5/9/20

Comments: Amazing do everything reel, casts 1/4 oz dropshots to an 8" hud, I've had one for over a year now, used it in salt and fresh and is still as smooth as it was day 1.

From: Nolan: CA 4/26/20

Comments: For the people saying the brake side panel won't close, loosen spool tension. Problem solved. Learn to adjust your brakes for cast control and not over-tighten your spool tension. Anyways, this reel is like everyone knows, a workhorse. For several months I did nothing but throw 2-4oz swimbaits on the reel... I was honestly surprised it held up alright. These days I throw anything from weightless senkos, t-rigs, reaction baits, and almost anything else you can think of(other than finesse super lightweight baits) on this reel. If I could go back I would have avoided throwing 8" glide baits on this reel just to keep it in better shape long-term. But despite that, it is still smooth and it does still throw baits further than any of my other reels (casitas, slx, fuego ct, other $100 reels).

From: J: Texas 4/7/20

Comments:Bombs baits, no backlash if you dial in the reel to your bait and rod setup and know how to cast smoothly, where this wasn't the case with other reels on the same rod and weight setup. Peoples "issues" seem to be issues they have and are not reel specific, whether it be because of light baits, lower poundage test, and so on yet never think there is an issue elsewhere, like in the rod they are choosing that isn't meant to throw a 1/8th oz bait; yeah a fast action rod isn't meant for a super light bait. I have the 200 set up on a curado 7'4 Med-Heavy, Moderate and can bomb (40 yards), flip, pitch, short cast and skip baits 1/8-1/4 with zero backlash or even thumb control (except for skipping), once dialed in. If your gear is paired right this is by far the best reel in this price range.

From: Unknown: 3/12/20

Comments: The k is the replacement of the tried and true ever so popular greenies that everybody had. The k is the upgraded version, and yes it is even better. The price point of the k is spot on. These are work horse reels, can do it all from jerk baits to big swimbaits. I've found mine to perform at its best with a At least a 3/8 oz lure, 1/2 ounce and above is perfection. I also believe it's best with 14 # line on up. It can do lighter line but is not made with finesse in mind (think aldebaron). The K's will last you decades with just a little TLC now & then. It truly is a jack of all trades reel. Don't let the few negative reviews fool you. The K will be sold for years to come.

From: Harley: Las Vegas, NV 3/10/20

Comments:I bought one of these just after Christmas. I've been using it every weekend since. It took a little while to get used to how much further it casts than a Curado 70 I had been using. The retrieve is super smooth. The only issue that I have found is when I use 12lb flouro on it, I have had the line get stuck under the spool release 3 times now. It's been several thousand casts, but I think it may be enough of a pain that I will be moving my future reels to another model.

From: Paul: Round Rock, TX 2/25/20


Comments:Had one of these for a couple years now and used it pretty hard. Real nice reel in the beginning but started to run into problems when thumb button broke. Also have a little issues inside gear mechanism. I'm the type to maintain my equipment at least yearly so no neglect here. Think for the money these reels are trash.

From: Unknown: 2/22/20

Comments:IMO this reel is great I got it a couple months ago and paired it with a E6X mag bass 7 foot med heavy and I think this reel is amazing for baits over 3/8 oz, I noticed that baits like a light spinnerbait did not do to well on this reel but that being said it is a 200 sized reel so it should not be expected to throw baits like that. Overall I think this is a great reel and if you can get it its totally worth it. If your looking for an all purpose reel this is your reel I throw lipless cranks, DT-6's, Jigs, Chatterbaits, Worms, Swimbaits, topwaters, and I have even thrown a gulp grub on a jighead in the ocean with this and it handled trout bluefish and mackerel very well. The drag on this reel is phenomenal, it can cast very far, and it is smooth. Is this worth 70 dollars more than an SLX yes it is, my SLX only lasted 10 months before it sounded like garbage and felt like reeling in a pepper grinder.

From: Tyler: Marietta, GA 1/20/20

Comments:I've had this reel about a year, it has a great retrieve and cast smooth. I have my reel on a Dixie custom rod. I've caught a lot of fish on the reel and i have never had a problem with it. You can use it for almost anything, I've caught a few big striper on it and they never stripped the gears on it.

From: Unknown: 1/17/20

Comments:Absolutely love this reel! Bought my first recently and the operation of this reel, in my opinion, is second to none. At this price point, I don't see how I could get a better reel. Currently on my jerkbait rod and casting is smooth and the distance is excellent. On windy days, it does a great job. Very, very pleased. I'm sold and will buy more in the future.

From: Coach: Shell Knob 1/9/20

Comments:Amazing reel! I've been throwing Curados for years, and this is smoothest and longest casting Curado that I've used. Has a nice, smooth retrieve as well. Wouldn't mind replacing my other reels with more of these.

From: Brandon: Kingwood, TX 1/1/20

Comments: I now own 6 of these reels each have had two years of tournament fishing on them and here is my conclusions. For the price there is NO MATCH in the industry today to the quality and durability Shimano produced with the K series.

From: Gary: Michigan 12/19/19

Comments:If your a tournament fisherman or you want to get started then buy 10 to 15 of these reels it's better than any reel ever at the price it is at. Its like having a 250 dollar reel. They can be used for any types of baits, if i had one reel to use for the rest of my life it would be this one

From: Will J: Grapevine, TX 10/15/19

Comments: Some silly negative reviews in here - for the two that can't close the escape hatch - simply loosen up the spool drag - hatch will then close . For those that remember the classic "greenies" yes those were great reels and still strong to this day . The K however is the replacement and it is nicer .. you'll get just as many great years out of the K as you did your greenies . The K is a work horse reel. Does it all from jerk baits to swimbaits. Years from now ppl will be taking about how great their k's have been.

From: Ross: Henderson, NV 9/22/19

Comments:I have three K's, two 6.2:1, and one 7.4:1. I love the way they cast, and the general feel of them. The two 6 speed reels are very smooth and quiet. My 7 speed reel is a little rougher feeling and louder on retrieve, but still feels pretty good. All of them are powerful feeling, and cast really well and are easy to set up. I like the rubber feel on the big handle knobs. Solid reels

From:Unknown: IL 7/30/19

Comments:I have had this reel for a year and 4 months now and i can finally say that i am impressed with it. First thing i noticed about it was how smooth it was especially with baits that have alot of resistance. I like that size. It feels comfortable and its not a heavy reel. What i did not like about it which i had issue with the Curado I previously is that i could not seen to get it dialed in correctly. I would use it for a bit and then i would leave it alone. When the Bantam MGL came out i was like, i am never gonna want to own another reel. I love its 150 size and it so effortlessly to cast. I had a few user errors with my Bantam which forced me to use the Curado K and i finally love it. I think why i had so much issues with adjusting it because i just had to much line on my reel. I got the fixed and just forced myself to use it and it finally does what i need it to do. I have been using it for pitchin 5/16 texas rigs in super shallow water and it smooth casting and has more than enough power to when i get bit to get bass out of the blowdowns im fishing. The Bantam is definitely aFord Raptor but the Curado K is like an F350. I would definitely buy another if i get the chance.

From: brandon:Marietta 7/28/19

Comments:In my opinion this Shimano curado 200k is cheaply made and my thumbar clutch broke on the second fishing trip. You can also feel the gears when winding in a lure.

From: Mark: Huntsville 8/23/19

Comments:It's funny to read some of these bad reviews people leave on this reel. I own three of these reels and so far I haven't come across any reel even a bit past this price that is better. Go ahead keep using trash reels like lews but I am going to go with the Curado k and outcast and outperform you in every single tournament, guaranteed.

From:Wiktor: Chicago, IL 6/28/19

Comments:I bought the 200XG and I noticed it had a slight click as you would reel it,I felt several different XG curados to make sure it wasent just that particular reel,every reel had the same features of the click so I bought it went out to fish had a big bite set the hook and the drag did not catch with it cranked all the way down,I then tried to push it even further down and I grabbed my line and I could just as easy pull line out with the reel engaged drag all the way down with 65lb braid, honestly think it's something to do with the 8.5.1 gear ratio reels prolly gonna go buy another curado K but it'll be the HG this time, also purchased the curado DC Monday reel feels amazing, again the clicking was in the XG geared reels the 7.4 did not

From:Connor: Sumrall, MS 6/14/19

Comments:Bought one of these reels last week, opened it up to put a few drops of oil on the bearings and the spool shaft then went to close the side panel and it wouldn't move into the close or lock position... I looked for debris and messed with it for 20 minutes without any luck. I will be returning this reel, unfortunately Shimano has gone downhill in the past few years ever since moving the bulk of the manufacturing to Malaysia.

From:Unknown: 6/7/19

Comments:I now have 4 K models in different gear sizes, each for there own purpose. Cranking, Flipping, etc. Braid and Fluoro it does not matter... these reels are the JUICE and for the price point... get you some.

From:Gary: Michigan 6/7/19

Comments:i have a K, and a 70 and the K is by far the better of the 2.But to be honest i found myself taking my 2 Citica's that are 8 years old that these 2 reels were SUPPOSED to replace and am using them again.I'm sorry but the Curado's are JUST to finicky to deal with.And i feel the Citicas are WAY more bulletproof and far easier to use.The 70 makes a rubbing noise at only a year old and i had it professionally cleaned and it STILL does it. Turns out I've talked to other 70 owners and they have same problem.I'm gonna send mine in and see if its a defect.

From: Jamie6/4/19

Comments:ROCKET LAUNCHER! i have my K mounted on a Dobyns Fury cranking rod, 15lb InvizX, 1/2oz redeye shad. the best thing about these curados is you can tune them in so fine. love this reel and the 70.

From:Unknown: Rockwood, TN 5/31/19

Comments:I bought 2 Curados (5.3:1) cranking reels in 2003, for apprx $110 ea. I upgraded the older models for two new Curado cranking models. These reels never require maintenance! Occasionally, I put a drop of oil in the worm gear and spool axle. These are workhorse reels. I have switched to Lew's equipment over the past 10 years, but my Curados will be with me till I die. Even my BB-1 cranking reels need to be lubricated 3-4 times a year, and I would rate the BB-1 equal in quality with my Shimano Curados. These Curados are worth every dollar invested.

From: John - Nashville, TN 5/7/19

Comments:I bought 2 Curados (5.3:1) cranking reels in 2003, for apprx $110 ea. In 2011, I upgraded the older models for two new Curado cranking models. I still use the 2011 models, and these reels never require maintenance! Occasionally, I put a drop of oil in the worm gear and spool axle. These are workhorse reels. I have switched to Lew's equipment over the past 10 years, but my Curados will be with me till I die. Even my BB-1 cranking reels need to be lubricated 3-4 times a year, and I would rate the BB-1 equal in quality with my Shimano Curados. These Curados are worth every dollar invested.

From: John:Nashville, TN5/7/19

Comments:Bought my first curado k last year and now own 3.It feels like this reel will last a lifetime.If your into very solid built, and silent reels that feel as smooth as silk this is your reel look no further.Have not had one issue with any parts on this reel at all.Casts as far as you can throw your lure very consistent with its performance unlike other brands that I have read about.Not one bad thing to say about this reel.Oh and the handles are very comfortable as well, but if you choose to put some rubber grips around them they fit on the handles very snug too!For 179.99 you cannot beat this reel.

From: Darrin:Maryland4/24/19

(Video) SHIMANO SLX DC vs CURADO K (BEST Shimano Casting Reel UNDER $200??)

Comments:Bought this reel to pair with my MHX for heavier baits. A little harder to dial in than other models, but once done is absolutely amazing. This thing feels like a winch on big fish.

From: Hunter:Northwest Montana 3/22/19

Comments:Shimano may have over-corrected the tight external brake adjustment. I bought a Curado K a couple weeks ago and returned it because the external brake adjustment was too loose, too easy to turn for my tastes (I was concerned that any slight, inadvertent touch of it while fishing would move it, thus changing the brake setting). I tried to tighten the screw, but found that it was already tightened down all the way. I just got another Curado K.It is EXACTLY like the first one. Grabbed several of my Curado Is and Citica Is to see how their external adjustment wheels felt. They felt great, not too tight, definitely not loose. Disappointed, but I'm going to keep this second Curado K and see if it's a non-issue for practical purposes.

From: Adam:Tallahassee3/1/19

Comments:The first one I got had a problem with the side plate panel, but I sent it in and got a brand new one and it works like a dream. I caught a 7.4 lbs bass and this reel handled it perfectly.

From: John:Fultz1/25/19

Comments:It was my fault by how I was engaging the reel but I Broke the little piece on the push button when I first got it a year and half ago(it still worked great). Finally decided to super glue it back on and it worked.The other k I have is flawless.A great reel for the job.Reliable performance.Will last years I feel.

From: Jim:Illinois 1/17/19

Comments:Sometimes the thumb bar is not engaging when I reel. Need to take it in soon. Other Shimano models work better.

From: Chris - Grapevine, TX 1/13/19

Comments:I'm slowly replacing all my reels with this one (I own 10 so far), I normally fish Lews Tournament Pros, Super Duty's, and Magnesium's. IMO this reel is better than the new Curado DC (which I own) as well. As for the problem with the side plate the first one I had broke but luckily I was able to return it. Then I actually read and followed the instructions... never had a problem since.The casting distance is insane, this is my furthest casting reel, then I replaced the bearings... casts even further now. I highly recommend this reel for the money and performance!

From: Barkley:San Diego, California 1/10/19

Comments: I'm having a hard time falling in love with this reel .. yes it gets rave reviews . Ppl love them . Even saying the best currado ever .. for me it's just not all that - I do love the compact & unique design .. this one just does not cast as far as I would like . It's pretty much relegated to a heavy rod now for throwing heavier baits . Shame I Really wanted to love this one.

From: Dean - Las Vegas, NV 12/25/18

Comments:I have the 7.4 right hand. Best reel for the price. Gotta get a couple more. Casting distance is incredible and you can cast very light things. I can throw a weightless senko no problem.

From: Unknown - 12/16/18

Comments:I have the 8.5 left hand model. Took me a good amount of time to dial in for perfect casts that go max distance. I would say this is my favorite reel and need to get a few more now. A lot of people have trouble with the side plate. You need to dial everything completely off or the plate will not pop off. Get it set and you will absolutely love its buttery smooth feel and castability with little to no issues.

From: Ken:Sterling, MA10/13/18

Comments:I have fished a lot of shimano reels and this is the worst reel they make.I have only had this reel for 3 months and the plastic push button broke. Wait that's no all yesterday I was fishing and the drag system broke on the reel which made me loose a three pounder. In tournament fishing I can not afford to loose a bass to failed equipment, so for that reason alone I will never use a Curado 200k.

From: Unknonwn: Louisiana 10/1/18

Comments:This is another outstanding reel from shimano it cast great, smooth drag, smooth retrieving and casting, great breaking sytem, and the thumbar is great I dont yhink it feels cheep yea it is diferent than previous and other curent thumbars on ther reels but it is not cheap.

From: Brendan:Michigan9/30/18

Comments:Love the reel but , I can't stand the ergonomics of the thumb bar. Shimano , if you're listening , please don't put this thumb bar on the next series of curados.

From: John:Winter Haven , FL8/20/18

Comments:I bought one in 7.4 about 6 weeks ago and have sincehad about 30-40 hours of use with it.

- Very, very smooth casting and retrieve.
- Long casts with heavier spinner/crank baits.
- Sexy appearance
- Price point
- Fit and finish
- More of a minor inconvenience than anything, but the brake adjustment (1-5 setting) can only be turned by catching a fingernail in one of the grooves and turning to the appropriate setting.
- The width of the handle makes it hard to adjust the drag if you want to do so while you have a fish on.

I ended up liking it so much that I picked up another one in 6.2. It would be tough to find a better reel for the price. I'd buy another one without hesitation.

From: Steve - Indiana 8/17/18

Comments:Decided to pick up this reel after the ravings all over the internet especially the guys over at tactical.Does not disappoint.Easily the best reel in this price point and built like a tank.For us younger fishermen who need good gear that will last us (to save $$), this thing is the real deal.

From: Hunter:NJ8/6/18

Comments:My first two I bought, about 8 months ago with flawless performance every trip I used them. I absolutely loved the reels. About a month ago, the thumb bar cover broke on both of them. I guess due to it being cheap plastic? Luckily I live 45 minutes away from Southwestern Parts and Service in Dallas, TX. They fixed both reels in no time under warranty. I bought 5 more of them on line. I am looking forward to getting several years of use out of all of them... I just wish they had a slower gear ratio for my 5XD's, 6XD's and 10XD's, throwing these big baits is tiring with the higher geared reels.

From: Mike:Sanger, TX 7/19/18

Comments:Great reel, casts well good size.Only complaint is the thumbar.The thing feels cheap and there always a binding noise when I press it down.My cheaper Shimano reels all have a solid click on the bar, this one just don't sound and feel right.Does it work?Yes, but is the noise annoying??yes

From: Darren:State College, PA7/19/18

Comments:Great reel for money. Little tricky to dial in, but once set up and to your comfort setting performs great. Very smooth, comfortable. Casts into tommorow........

From: Jeremy:Iowa6/10/18

Comments:Great reel, good size smooth casting great drag. Only complaint is the cheap feeling thumbar. Not sure if they use plastic on this reel but it feels cheap and the plastic at times rubs and squeaks. Even the casitas have a better thumbar. Otherwise great reel. Would of been more asthetic if they get rid of the gold trim and went all black.

From: Ryan - Kearny, NJ 5/28/18

Comments:Pretty dang good reel for the money. Smoothest reel on the market for its price point. Drag is smooth, casting is very good also. The SVS brakes do some getting used to when it comes to Shimano reels. Very good system once you get it dialed in. I would highly suggest buying a set of Spool Speed ceramic bearings for this reel. Will make it outperform Shimano DC reels and Daiwa Steez's at $500 and the bearings are only $20 shipped. I'm talking dumping the spool every cast if I want to. Just never said I didnt tell you the business ...

From:Lex: Minnesota 5/23/18

Comments:Having a love hate relationship with my Curado K. At first it was hard to dial in, and I was not impressed. Once I got it set up it has been better and is growing on me. It has a very solid feel, smooth but not smoothest I have used. I also own Gen 3 Revo's and Tatula CT, and SV. They all perform about same once set up. Daiwa though nailed it with their brake system, it is by far the easiest to dial in and cotrol is amazing. The Curado K brakes do the job, just bit more finicky. Over all K is decent, not sure worth the retail price though. If you are a Shimano lover you will prolly like it. If you are looking for a solid reel with ease of use then get a Tatula CT or SV.

From: Jeremy5/12/18

Comments:You really cannot beat the price point of the new K. It's a fantastic reel. Very smooth and great cast ability. I have 1 paired with a Dobyns Champion 763 and another with a Dobyns Extreme HP 743. Both setups cast 5inch Keitechs and shaky head worms like a dream. I can't wait to see if Shimano possibly comes out witha 51 or 71 series. I'd definitely pickup some of those. It's a luxury to have one of the $400+ reels, but with how well these K's work, I'm definitely interested in picking up more.One advice I've found is that adjusting these bad boys are a lot more in tuned. While some of my older reels don't have to been tightened and cranked down on the spool tension, these have too. Tighten that spool tension down and start making micro adjustments as you go. I was casting a mile with 1/4 ounce swim jig heads with 5in Keitechs with a tight spool tension.

From: Scott:Fresno, CA5/7/18

Comments:Love the Shimano Curado 200K. Casts great, smooth, drag seems to work well. I used it for 3 days. Two practice days and one tournament day. On the tournament day the thumb guard popped off. I liked the reel so much that I am going to give it another try.

From: Joe - Ahoskie, NC 5/4/18

Comments:Pros- high quality machined pieces; smooth as only a shimano; casts a mile; awesome new grips; wicked styling; Will probably last so that your grandkids can use it; possibly the best curado yet

Cons: heavy; difficult to palm (even with giant man hands); cannot turn the fine adjustment knob easily (which creates a BIG problem when trying to quickly dial in the reel upon changing lures); sits "high" on the rod when compared to a reel like the Lews SLP Speed Spool.

Disposition: when I'm on the water and need to make an adjustment, I need speed. I cant fidget with the Curado's poorly designed fine adjustment knob. I ordered two reels, hoping the first was just a flub (and the second would be better) but it wasn't. The fine adjustment wheel sucks, and ruined what was possibly the best Curado ever built. (IMHO)

From: Kyle - Grand Lake, OK 5/5/18

Comments:amazing reel. the only thing i dont like about it is the thumb button. if it had the same one as the curado 200 i it would be perfect.

(Video) SHIMANO CURADO BUYERS GUIDE... All 6 CURRENT Curados compared!!!

From:Unknown: Baton Rouge 4/23/18

Comments:Just got this reel. Straight garbo. Returning it and buying a Daiwa. The A/R feels like there is a massive stutter before it engages. And the level wind dances around like it's in dutch clogs.

From: Davis:San Clemente4/13/18

Comments:Love these new curados from Shimano! I have the 8.5:1 and the 7.4:1, they are both smoother than the tatulas I've tried. I love the longer handle on the 8.5:1. I don't see a reel in this price range comming close to the curado k. Try them out for yourself. I am going to replace all of my reels with K series Curados. Thanks Tackle Warehouse.

From: Joel - Cincinnati, OH 3/21/18

Comments:Freaking GREAT reel! So silky smooth, i was really blown away. Great size, casts very well, and very smooth drag. Way better than the citica, which is a solid reel. Again, buttery smooth on the retrieve. Loving this reel so far, typical shimano quality.

From: Unknonwn: Texas 3/8/18

Comments:I bought this reel after reading all the great reviews and will say it feels great and smooth, unfortunately for me I've bought two now and has had bad luck with both. the first one the level wind quit working after having it only a day, I took it back and they (BP) replaced it and it's been working great since then, however I just bought another one and tried using it twice now and the stinking thing wont let me close the door keeping the spool from falling out. it's the latch you push to close will not push forward thus leaving me wondering about the quality control standards of shimano. I've been a long time user of their reels for years and have never had this luck with any other reels.

From: Unknown 2/28/18

Comments:Bought it at a sale here in aus. Have to say I'm extremely unimpressed with the casting and in particular the svs infinity cast control. I'm someone who's never had a problem with overruns on any reel. Skipping is not a problem and making 60yd casts with a half oz lure is my bread and butter. But with the curado k I've apparently become a noob. After spending several hours getting to know the braking system, i've gone from constant backslashes to roughly 2/3 my usual distance. Leither I've got a dud or the new curado is not for me. I should mention that I've used all previous models with the exception of the G series and found them all to cast reasonably well. But I'll be selling this reel for a Daiwa with t wing. Another irritating feature is the height of the new thumb bar. When palmimg the reel, the meat of my palm presses onto the bar and while it doesn't actually the thumb bar, it is disconcerting. On the plus side the reel does look incredibly sexy but that's not enough.

From: Unknown 2/27/18

Comments:Great reel, very comfortable and smooth. My only complaint is the weight. I wish it were about an ounce lighter.

From: Tim - Minnesota 2/23/18

Comments:Great reel, worth the money. The brake adjustment is stiff - to fix it, just take off the side plate and use a small screwdriver to loosen it about 1/4 a turn. problem solved.

From: Unknown 2/19/18

Comments:This reel is fantastic, and a worthy successor in the Curado lineage. For the most part, this reel is even better than the coveted E series. The only caveat is, like the previous reviewer mentioned, the level wind cap can touch your finger as it moves back and forth on the worm gear because of the frame design in the front. I hold my reels with my index finger in that space and felt the cap when reeling. It didn't bother me too much, but I could see how others might be annoyed by it. Also, I really wish it was a 150 size instead of 200 because freshwater bass fishing doesn't need all of that line capacity. Most of us use backing, heck I even use backing on my 150 sized reels. All of that said, this is the smoothest casting and reeling Curado yet. Big win for Shimano!

From: DBH: PA 2/7/18

Comments:Literally one of the best reels you can buy. So stable and well built. I would recommend this product to anyone.

From:Unknown: 1/28/18

Comments: After everything I'd read about this reel, I was so eager to get it. And while it lived up to my expectations in terms of performance - very smooth gearing and outstanding casting. one negative feature absolutely drove me crazy. There is no shroud or frame brace covering the worm gear. So when I palmed the reel, my index finger fell right on the worm gear, with the level wind constantly bumping my finger during retrieve. I love Shimano reels. But this one thing caused me to send it back. I absolutely couldn't stand it and I can't believe I never heard anyone else bitch about it. It's an amazing design oversight. Every other Shimano model has a brace guarding the worm gear. Every Daiwa, too. What a shame, because it's a superb reel. One other annoyance that I would have figured out how to fix, but was still annoying - the mag brake wheel was extremely stiff and so tiny it was ridiculously hard to turn the control. Crazy hard. Like you almost needed a screw driver. I have heard others complain about this.

From: Ted: Greenville, SC 1/22/18

Comments:Casts a mile , the outer dial is great for when the wind picks up, I can throwquarter ounce to one ounce with this thing no problem. Hard to beat IMO

From:JT: OK 1/15/18

Comments:I recently got my CuradoK, spooled with 30 pound braid and tied on a swim jig. Man is this thing a great, it casts a mile and looks great. If there was one thing i could change it would be the amount of drag. There is only 11 lb.s drag but it is still a great real.

From: Tyler: NY 1/14/18

Comments:Best Curado that I have ever owned. Silky smooth. Has that powerful Curado feel. Casts further than any other reel I own. But this finish....common can do better than this, Shimano!

From: Isaac: Forest, VA 1/10/18

Comments:I love this new Curado iv only had it for a few day and iv already caught a couple fish over 2 pounds with it and it has haddled really well.

From: Charlie: Texas 1/6/18

Comments:The best curado yet great for long bombing and flipping and pitching all around great reel.

From:Jake: Texas 1/10/18

Comments:Just got this reel in the mail, took about two weeks to get here. This reel is unbelievable i have the Shimano Curado 200 and really liked it and thought I would buy this one as well. The reel performs unbelievably well, buttery casts, and a good reel for under 200. Quality reel once again from shimano!

From:Will: Illinois, 1/8/18

Comments:smoothest reel ive ever used.

From:Unknown: 12/31/17

Comments:This is a good reel. Once the break system is set it is a great performer. The small wheel was stiff at first but seams to have loosened up with use. One thing that I discovered when opening the side cover hatch to adjust the break shoes. I could not get the cover latched back until I backed off the tension on the cast control knob. If the cast control knob is tightend down it pushes the reel spool out of the housing just enough that the cover will not fit flush, keeping the latch from engaging. I assume this is just the case on all the reels . Once I figured this out it latches back easily. Overall a nice reel for the money

From: Ron - Tomball, TX 12/18/17

Comments:I just go my reel in today and I looked at the internal brakes, and they look sketchy asf, like theyâÂR022ÂËR122ll brake if I were to flip on one of the brakes on... please look into this.

From:Unkown - 12/9/17

Comments:This by far the best reel on the market it cast so well it is so smooth it will last you so long your grand kids can use it the BEST REEL YOU COULD ASK FOR

From: Jake - TX 12/7/17

Comments:I have several curado models and this is by far the best one yet, Cast butter smooth the lightest lures to the heavies and reels them in silky smooth. The small spool break on the palm side is a little hard to get to but it does work well. Once you dial it in , you will rarely get a backlash A great all around reel.

From: Ron - Tomball, TX 12/2/17

Comments:Cast control knob gets easier to turn after a while, or you can open up the reel and adjust it tight or loose with a Phillips head.

From: Unknown Illinois 11/27/17

Comments: Love my new Curado, have caught multiple 3 pounders so far. My only complaint is that the external braking adjustment is stuck and will not rotate.

From: Mason: Lafayette 11/24/17

Comments:I just got my new reel well built feels solid in hand extremely smooth easy handling casting and pitching

From: John - Oklahoma 11/20/17

Comments:Casts light lures, like flukes and buzz baits very well. But I would not recommend this reel to anyone who doesn't know their way around a casting reel. There are two dials plus the same friction brake adjustments that all shimanos have. So it takes a while to really get dialed in, but when you do, like I said before casts 100/100 with no backlash, and is as smooth as can be.

From: Jacob - Austin, TX 11/7/17

Comments:This new curado is the best curado the have ever made. Just a little turn on the dial makes a big difference and it's realy smooth and I would recommend it

From: Unknown 11/2/17

(Video) Curado K vs Curado DC Comparison

Comments:Great reel, casts far and looks great. Love the fact you don't have to oil the break drums all the time like the squeaky 200i's. My only complaint is the new thumb bar design. This one does not click cleanly like the previous models. The current version seems like it's attacked to a plastic railing and you get a squeaking sound everytime you press down on the thumb bar. For such a beautiful reel, you would think they stick to the original design and not the new one where it sounds like you are moving an arm of a plastic action figure.

From: Frank: Swedesboro NJ 10/27/17

Comments:Outstanding reel. Makes me sad I bought anything else. If you are on the fence about the 99 dollar latest and greatest vs this reel.
Save your money for the Curado you wont regret it.

From: David: Temple Texas 10/26/17

Comments: IËR122m a big Curado fan. IËR122ve bought ever Curado since the B. And they all have turn out well. Well except the G. This Curado K stands out from rest. Very smooth and powerful. Easy to palm and cast. It's a winner. But nothing can replace the Curado 200e7. ThatËR122s just me.

From: Sean: Texas 10/26/17

Comments:Totally agree with other reviewers in regards to the casting distance and overall smoothness. I did like the thumb bar on the 200i a little better. I wonder if that was the plastic part that broke for other reviewers. Overall the best Curado ever-so far.

From: Unknown 10/24/17

Comments:I just got the Curado K about 3-4 weeks ago and have used it 3 times. It's much smoother than the Curado I series, especially on the cast and retrieve. It does cast decently far, not sure if it casts farther.. though if so its not by much. I like the new spool release button, it's done right and I didn't find any wooble or side play, its incredibly smooth to push down similar to Concept A from 13 fishing it's also almost the same size as the Concept A. I like the new Knobs they a slimmer in profile and softer or squishier. The feel of the reel is smooth and solid. Side plate seems easier to get latched on vs the Curado I. Now for the negatives, for one the quality in the paint job and refinement in the part's isn't there, the edges are rough in places where the edges meet. The paint job is poor, and well idk you'll have to see for yourself to know what I'm talking about. (Made in Malaysia)! The drag is smooth, but weak only 11lbs, a downgrade from the I's 14lbs. Also heavier than the Curado I. Now the worst part about this REEL is the damn cast control wheel! If you thought your previous model shimano's were hard to turn or READ for that matter think again. LOL this damn wheel is so recessed into the frame, you can't get any traction on it with your finger, it's incredibly tight, and you can't read a thing on it hardly, because the numbers are covered by the frame. I don't know why Shimano doesn't use the wheel like on the new chronarch's or Curado 70 for ALL their reels. At least you can read and get your finger on those.

From: Ryan: TX 10/22/17

Comments: This is one of my favorite tells on my 22 reel arsenal it is on one of my many frog rods, and I can bomb a spro farther than any other reel on the same rod it is hardy, smooth, far casting, and I caught a 5 pounder in the back of the slop and pulled him out with ease this reel is truly phenomenal.

From: Jason:Broaddus, TX 10/15/17

Comments: It took me a while to figure out the break system and adjusting it but, once I got it where I needed it all I can say it performs like a champ!

From: RM: Burleson,Tx 10/12/17

Comments:I also had the button cover on the caster brake off on the first day of use. Besides that, great reel.

From: Jim: Illinois 10/9/17

Comments:This reel is insane!! I put 65 lb braid on it and use it for punching and frogs.It casts far with ease and winches the fish out of cover easily.totally recommend buying this reel

From: Reese: Alabama 10/2/17

Comments:The plastic cover on the button broke off before I even had line spooled on the reel. I fear for the build quality and am sending mine back.The reviews about the casting distance and smoothness are true.

From: Derek: Illinois 10/1/17

Comments:There's a youtube channel called The Reel Test, he did a vid where the Curado K casted farther than the Met and Chronarch MGLs

From: John - Atlanta 9/20/17

Comments: I wish the Curado K had come out a few months earlier when I purchased my Chronarch mgl ... I OWN both , the MGL sits at home , the Curado K fits my hand better and although the MGL has 2 more bearings its not noticeable , the smoothness of both reels is unbelievable .. Can't even use my older 2016 Curados anymore ... they are good reels but feel like junk after using the K ... I'm selling my other 2016 Curados so I can get a few more Curado Ks .. Yeah they are way better than previous models 10x over ....

From: Liberty Justice: CHICO , CA 9/16/17

Comments: This reel is absolutely amazing! I have 3 chronarch mgl and 2 metanium and this reel compares to both it is the best reel on market for 200 bucks smooth as butta and cast forever you can really feel the difference this reel is the best reel shimano ever built in my opinion for the price

From: Will: Houston tx 9/11/17

Comments: This is the best reel you can buy if you want a good performing reel that wont break the bank. I have one right now but plan on buying another one if not 2 more.

From: Brendan: Midlothian, Texas 9/7/17

Comments: Go ahead and buy it. I have a lot of the current Shimano offerings including the Matanium MGL. Not saying it's as good as the Metanium, but there's something about it that has been making me pick it up more than any of my other reels. The new thumb bar and smaller size is super comfortable. The "smoothness" lives up to the hype. I also like the new grips/paddles more than any of my other reels. The bigger size adds to the more powerful feel when working higher resistant baits like cranks, spinners, etc. I love gear as much as I love fishing itself, so I have ended up collecting one of each reel just to keep it interesting. The 200K is the first offering I've considered buying multiples given the ergonomics and performance paired with the reasonable price point.

From: Dillon S: Nashville, TN 9/5/17

Comments:Great reel, cast a mile. But still not near as smooth as my chronarch MGL 150. Oval Happy with it but probably should of just gotten another chronarch MGL 150xg

From: Adam: Castaic ca 9/4/17

Comments: Great Reel, very smooth, casts well and is just a good all around reel. It is a way better reel than the curado 200i.

From: forrest: alabam 9/4/17

Comments:I have the 200k and it is a very smooth reel I use it for crankbaits and towaters.

From: Unknown 8/21/17

Comments:I was lucky enough to get one a few weeks ago. I'm very impressed with the smoothness of this reel, along with the power it has. I'll put it right up there with my favorite, the Curado 70. And the slick look of it is just a bonus. Having it paired with a Phenix rod doesn't hurt either. Highly recommend you get one!!!

From: Unknown 8/20/17

Comments:Here are my initial impression to my Curado 200HG K. I only have one so far but several more are on order. I removed the Curado 200HG I on my Dobyns Champion 735C & put the new Curado 200HG K on it. The reel is spooled with Suffix 832 with a R2S Spittin Wa (55 size) tied on it. The reel is noticeably more compact. It feels really good in hand. I felt the Curado 200I palmed better than previous generations. The 200K is even better. The K casts extremely well. Initially, I thought it might be a bit touchy messing around in the front yard. On the water, it was easy to set up. I had no issues bombing it out there or pitching to tight targets. The longer/larger handle felt great muscling fish out of the weeds/tullies. No 'noises' & it felt really smooth casting or retrieving. Although it isn't as compact or light as the Curado 70, I'm now contemplating replacing them with Curado K's for pitching duties. I'm waiting for the next one to arrive. I'll do a direct comparison with a Chronarch MGL (same rod & lure) using cranks. I know the K won't be as light or compact but I'm interested to see how it stacks up.

From: Mike: Cal Delta 8/20/17

Comments:I purchased 3 of the new Curado K reels about a month ago and love them. Very smooth, a slightly smaller frame and a larger handle. Overall a very nice reel. I have several of the Curado 200i's and this reel is a great improvement.

From: Bill: Homosassa, Florida 8/17/17

Comments:Haven't had this on a rod yet, so this is more of a first impressions review. Straight out of the box this reel feels solid as a rock, smooth as silk, and it's damn sexy! I'm just waiting on my new rod to arrive to pair it up and get it out on the water, and I can't wait! Every time I get this out of the box, I cannot stop cranking that handle, it's like some kind of compulsion that keeps you spinning the handle.

From: Ben: New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia 8/7/17

Comments:Feels more refined than the I series. Retrieve is super smooth.Could this be the best curado yet?

From: Unknown 8/7/17

Comments: Think I ratheredbthe curado I I mean it's smooth casts a mile and the smaller profile is a plus I just can't stand the thumb bar and for some odd reason it wants to overrun with 2 brakes on no matter how tight I put the tension knob. Wondering if it's a defect.

From: Unknown 8/6/17

Comments: I was lucky enough to get one of these from TW when they were first made available. I've only been using it for a week or so, but it is a VERY good reel. The most noticeable feature is the micro module gearing--it really is as smooth as you could imagine. It's a bit larger than the 70, but it's very comfortable. It's also a lot faster (I got the XG) than the 70, so if anyone's looking for a pitching/flipping reel this one will get them into the boat faster than just about anything. If I had a need for more reels I would definitely get a bunch of these. I haven't used any of the really legendary Shimano reels like the D series (Chronarch or Curado), so I can't compare this to them. But it's as smooth as the one B that I have, and not as big or heavy. Time will tell on durability, but it feels solid as hell. A super fun reel. Hard not to like.

From: David: Atkinson, NH 8/5/17

Comments:It's an amazing reel! Cast further than my curado 70, Shimano casitas, Daiwa Tatula CT and any Lews reel I've owned!! Threw a weightless fluke across the pond and got to places I would not be able to do with any other reels I've used.Not to mention it's smooth as silk and looks sick! Don't hesitate to buy this reel!

From: Collin: Dallas, TX 7/25/17

Comments:I have used this reel twice now, I think I have caught around 10 fish on it but it is awesome plenty of drag and power would recommend it to anyone.


From: Unknonwn 7/23/17


Is the Shimano Curado worth it? ›

The Shimano Curado K is a great reel, robust, refined, and affordable. So yes, it's worth it.

How far can a Shimano Curado DC cast? ›

At $249, the Shimano Curado 150 DC reel is one of the best baitcasting reels at that price point this moment. It has a lot of features, solid construction, big comfortable grips, an easily palmable footprint, and incredible cast control as well as holding 110 yards of 12 pound line.

Which Shimano Curado reel is best? ›

The Curado DC is the top of the line reel in the Curado series. Offering the most features, and the most refined performance. The Curado DC is equipped with a Digitally Controlled braking system. This system measures and controls the braking pressure every 1/1000th of a second.

How much line does a Curado 200 hold? ›

Anglers can expect 30-inches of line retrieved per crank to come tight quick when fishing worms and jigs with CU200HG and 201HG. All five Curado I reels handles from 190 yards of 30-pound test to 80 yards of 65-pound PowerPro braid (or up to 110 yards of 14-pound mono).

What is the Shimano Curado K good for? ›

Power AL aluminum frame – The Curado K has the body design of their other Hagane reels. This design helps cut flex during reeling as well as protecting the interior of the reel from unexpected impacts. This frame is made from aluminum to offer both strength and a decrease in weight over other materials.

Can a Curado DC backlash? ›

Is it impossible to backlash? No, but it is difficult to do so. The Curado DC's braking system is very good, but Mother Nature can still get the best of it in extreme situations, especially with heavier line.

Can you use a DC reel in rain? ›

Anglers often ask me if the DC reels are durable, as there are electronics in these reels after all. I've fished previous generation DC reels in the rain, and even submerged my Calcutta and Calais DC reels in the water completely to see if I could kill them, and yet they continue to function just fine to this day.

Is Curado DC worth the money? ›

If you have the budget and want to experience digital casting technology then yes, it's definitely worth it. The Curado is a very solid reel and is strongly recommended for all angling skills, DC or no DC.

What does DC mean in Shimano? ›

Digital Control or DC braking system automatically controls the brake force at every moment of the cast with an on-board micro-computer constantly measuring the spool's rotation speed and applying the right amount of brake force to control spool rotation preventing backlash.

What is the best Baitcaster for beginners? ›

Best Baitcasting Reels for Beginners in 2022
  • KastKing Royale Legend/Whitemax Low Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel.
  • Daiwa Tatula Baitcasting Reels.
  • Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Reel.
  • Abu Garcia Revo SX Low Profile Fishing Reel.
  • Daiwa Fuego CT Baitcast Fishing Reel.
  • Lew's Mach Crush.
8 Aug 2022

Is Curado a salt water? ›

Now featuring the latest in Shimano technology, such as super smooth, efficient, durable MicroModule gearing, and offered in multiple gear ratios up to 8.5:1, Curado builds on its legacy as the 'go-to' baitcasting reel for both fresh and saltwater action.

Where are Shimano Curado reels made? ›

Where are Shimano Curado Fishing Reels Made? Curado is loved by many anglers around the world, and some of them have their reels for years. Older Curados were made in Japan, but now the production is based in Malaysia. According to many anglers who tried both versions, quality is the same.

How many bearings does a Shimano Curado have? ›

Fishing Reel Bearing Kits to suit the Shimano Curado 200E5 / 201E5 / 200E7. These Reels have 4 Ball Bearings and a One-Way Roller Clutch Bearing.

When did the Shimano Curado come out? ›

Practical Baitcasting Reels that Enjoy Enduring Popularity in the North American Market. Bantam CURADO was released in 1991 as a baitcasting reel for the North American market. It was characterized by toughness and operability.

Is the Curado KA good reel? ›

The simple answer is yes. The Shimano Curado K is probably the best reel at its price point, and it may just be the best reel you can buy. It's that good.

When did the Curado 200e7 come out? ›

The first thing that anglers will notice about the new series is that the reels start in 200 size as the redesigned reels are much smaller and lighter than the previous model.
Reel Preview.
1 more row
19 Jun 2008

What are the 4 settings on the Curado DC? ›

The Intelligent Digital Control braking system features four easy-to-use modes that can be set using the external dial for Max Distance, Braided/Monofilament line, Fluorocarbon line and Skipping. These four modes allow anglers to fish a wide variety of lures in any condition with minimal adjustments to the reel.

What gear ratios does the Curado DC come in? ›

You can get the Curado DC in 3 gear ratios. The regular DC has a 6.2:1 gear ratio. The DCHG has a 7.4:1 gear ratio. And the DCXG has a 8.5:1 gear ratio.

What is the Curado DC used for? ›

The new Shimano Curado DC is a brand new reel which features a DC braking system in a lower price class. The I-DC4 braking system will help the angler to cast better and reduces the change of backlash.

Who makes the best casting reel? ›

The 10 Best Baitcasting Reels
  • Abu Garcia Revo Rocket. ...
  • Daiwa Coastal TW. ...
  • Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool LFS. Ball Bearings: 10+1. ...
  • Abu Garcia Max Pro. Ball Bearings: 7+1. ...
  • Daiwa Tatula 100. Ball Bearings: 7+1. ...
  • KastKing Royale Legend GT. Ball Bearings: 5+1. ...
  • Piscifun Torrent. Ball Bearings: 5+1. ...
  • Abu Garcia Revo SX. Ball Bearings: 9+1.
30 Aug 2022

How much should you spend on a baitcaster? ›

If you are going to fish more than 35 days a year, you should spend about $100 for a baitcast reel because it will give you high performance with a good number of ball bearings, and it will last you a long time if you take care of it.

What is the best gear ratio for a baitcaster? ›

The most common reel on the market has a 6.4:1 gear ratio. This will allow you to work both fast moving presentations as well as slow. However, for certain techniques and applications, a very high or low gear ratio will often work best. For instance, burning a spinnerbait or buzzbait is best done with a 7.1:1 reel.

How far does a Shimano SLX DC cast? ›

The Shimano SLX DC provides for very comfortable fishing with it's 150 size. It can handle 110 yards of 12 pound line or 90 yards of 14 pound line.

Can Baitcast reels get wet? ›

I know for baitcasters and spinning reels it's bad for the reel to get wet. You have to break it down, clean it, and re-oil or lubricate it.

How do I use Curado oil in DC? ›


How do you clean a DC reel? ›

HOW to clean a shimano SLX DC REEL!? - YouTube

Can the Shimano SLX DC be used in saltwater? ›

SLX is ideal for saltwater or freshwater lure fishing. The difference will simply be the gear ratio that you wish to choose when purchasing.

What companies make DC reels? ›

Anybody know why Shimano is the only company to make DC reels?

What is gear ratio on a baitcaster? ›

Gear ratios on most brands of baitcast reels range from 5.0:1 to 9.1:1. The pros use high speed models (7.1:1 to 9.1:1) for most applications because they know it is easier to slow down a retrieve with a fast reel than it is to crank faster with a low-speed model.

What does a DC Baitcaster do? ›

The thing that makes this reel different is that “DC” stands for “digitally controlled.” It has an internal microcomputer that adjusts your brakes as necessary every 1/1000 of a second to customize your casting. The technology has been around for a while, but the cost has come down substantially.

Do DC reels need batteries? ›

The DC system doesn't require any batteries to be replaced and is powered by the very casts that it helps manage. The first DC reels were a huge hit among enthusiast anglers, many of which were fascinated by the technology, some hypnotized by the signature whirring sound of the DC system at work.

Which Shimano baitcaster is best for saltwater? ›

If you're in a hurry and just want to find out what the best saltwater baitcasting reel is, then we recommend the Shimano Calcutta baitcasting reel. Baitcasting reels are not just for catching bass on the lakes and streams! There are some that prefer them for inshore saltwater fishing as well.

Why do bass pros use Baitcasters? ›

For using “power techniques”, working with heavier lures like crankbaits and ½ oz. spinnerbaits, or fishing in heavy weeds where you need strong line, Nels recommends baitcasters because they have more torque and handle heavy line better.

How hard is it to learn a baitcaster? ›

Bottom line: Baitcasters have a relatively steep learning curve, and most beginners find them hard to use. The reason for this is that you need to learn how to fine tune the braking system of the reel, as well as how to use thumb pressure to slow down spool rotation during the casting process.

Is a Baitcaster better than a spinning reel? ›

Baitcasters have better casting qualities than spinner reels – both in terms of distance and accuracy achieved. However, baitcasters are generally more expensive and more difficult to master than spinning reels, especially for beginners.

Can I cast light lures with a baitcaster? ›

Typically, 8 to 10-inches from lure to the rod tip works well with a baitcaster. However, when casting a really light lure, you can let out 2 to 2-1/2 feet of line, so that you can get more momentum on your cast, resulting in a great cast distance.

Can I use Shimano Curado for saltwater? ›

While most people would consider the Shimano Curado I to be a freshwater reel it is perfectly suited for inshore saltwater fishing as well, just remember that it is not a sealed design so you will want to take care to make sure that it is well rinsed and cleaned just like all your saltwater gear.

What size is the Shimano Curado DC? ›

Product information
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H5.94 x 5.04 x 3.58 inches
Part Number‎CUDC150
Style‎Gear Ratio: 6.2:1 | Size: 150 Right
Size‎Gear Ratio: 6.2:1 | Size: 150 Right
9 more rows

Is the Shimano Calcutta for saltwater? ›

There's a Calcutta reel for almost any application, in fresh or saltwater. With Cross Carbon Drag and A-RB (Anti-Rust Bearings) the Calcutta will give you years of solid performance.

Are Shimano fishing rods any good? ›

Shimano makes some of the very best reels in the entire world. It is only natural that they rods would have the same level of quality and excellence. Their spinning and casting rods especially are ranked highly among bass and walleye anglers.

Is the Shimano Curado DC saltwater? ›

Shimano states the Shimano Curado DC is saltwater ready. It's definitely fine for the saltwater.

When did the Curado 200e7 come out? ›

The first thing that anglers will notice about the new series is that the reels start in 200 size as the redesigned reels are much smaller and lighter than the previous model.
Reel Preview.
1 more row
19 Jun 2008

Is Daiwa better than Shimano? ›

Both Shimano and Daiwa are top-of-the-line reel brands and very similar in terms of quality, material, and practicality. Shimano edges out Daiwa if shove comes to push, but both are solid choices and better than most other reel brands out there.

Is Shimano a good reel brand? ›

Shimano has long been know as one of the leaders in the fishing tackle industry and has consistently produced quality reels for the mass market since 1978. Shimano is best known for its wide offering in spinning reels and baitcasting reels.

Do Shimano rods have lifetime warranty? ›

Shimano's limited lifetime warranty has always been limited to protecting the rod against non-conformities in material and workmanship. While frequently misunderstood, the limited lifetime warranty has never been an unconditional warranty that covers normal wear and tear, accidents or abuse.

What does DC mean in fishing? ›

The DC in the name stands for digital control, Shimano's braking system that utilizes a microcomputer to monitor spool speed 1,000 times every second and apply the perfect brake to every cast. That means you don't need to slow down the spool with your thumb nearly as much.

Can Shimano DC reels get wet? ›

Re: Shimano DC Question

Never let them get wet. Seems risky to me to think about dunking a reel that depends on electrical circuitry - no matter how low the voltage- to control braking. If you have not already tried them, maybe you should consider a standard Conquest or Calcutta TE. Or a non DC Antares or Calais.

Is the Curado a saltwater reel? ›

Now featuring the latest in Shimano technology, such as super smooth, efficient, durable MicroModule gearing, and offered in multiple gear ratios up to 8.5:1, Curado builds on its legacy as the 'go-to' baitcasting reel for both fresh and saltwater action.

What gear ratio is a Curado 200E7? ›

Reel NameGear RatioMaximum Drag
200E55.0:111 Pounds
200E77.0:111 Pounds
201E77.0:111 Pounds


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