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Topic: co part campersPosted By: intheworkson 08/15/16 11:50amtrying to get the low down on all these campers for sale on copart.com. I see some have minor damage and others have been donated and some are salvage flood campers. I've seen donated and minor damage campers for really cheap. Today I saw a STAR popup (donated vehicle) for $125 and no one even bid on it. Any success story's on here from people that have gotten a camper from this or a comparable site. thanks in advance!!

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Posted By: DutchmenSporton 08/15/16 11:58amI've never seen the web site or ever tried to purchase anything like that from one. But, I can just imagine what they are selling is probably in really poor condition. They may not have gone through a flood, but I bet most of them have water damage from leaking roofs. And that $125 camper will end up costing several thousand, unless you're just planning to gut it out. To restore it, you're talking time and money. Nothing is free or cheap. Everything of value has a price! You pay one way or the other. Posted By: Jebby14on 08/15/16 12:26pmcan often find garbage destroyed campers for free on kijiji Q: Whats brown and sticky???

A: A Stick....
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Posted By: 2012Colemanon 08/15/16 12:31pmYou get what you pay for. Try Craigslist for a better selection of used units. Experience without good judgment is worthless; good judgment without experience is still good judgment!

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Posted By: intheworkson 08/15/16 12:59pmi understand you get what you pay for RV.Net Open Roads Forum: Travel Trailers: co part campers (2) but for $125 it might be worth the risk. if nothing else i could scrap the thing for weight right? Posted By: gboppon 08/15/16 01:12pmI wouldn't waste my time with that website. It's probably a junkyard trying to unload the stuff they can't recycle.

If someone donated a pop up and no one bid on it, what does that tell you? It's JUNK.

Google copart.com for scams/rip off reports.


Don't buy any of that garbage, it will end up coasting you more than buying a decent used unit.

Posted By: Jebby14on 08/15/16 01:17pmmight be ok to gut for a utility trailer or parts. Posted By: intheworkson 08/15/16 01:19pmgood idea ill check the scam/ rip off reports. my two buddys both have campers. one from craigslist and the other from ebay. both deals went well and they got decent campers for right around 3k. ill be in the market come feb/ mar 2017 when I get my tax return just doing as much research as I can now. I have a 02 f250 diesel truck and am looking for a bumper pull camper under 30ft. what is seal maintenance? is this something that should be done yearly? Posted By: 2012Colemanon 08/15/16 01:40pmIt's up to you if you want to chance it. Just be sure that it has a title, and that title is not a salvage title. I would not want to step into a TT that has been flooded - a member posted pictures of his recently flooded TT, and it was pretty fuzzy inside. Posted By: midnightsadieon 08/15/16 02:16pmthere cheap for a reason, buyer beware. Posted By: azrvingon 08/15/16 03:38pmI would think a person would have to actually have been there and done that to give you an accurate answer. I'm registered to bid and have been to the one in Houston. There is everything from a burned out pile of MH metal to nice stuff. With nice stuff being rare. I didn't get to buy the one I was after but have looked at a good number of them. During the winter of 2013/14 I was bidding on a 2012 Dutchmen Kodiak TT. I dont know the exact model but it had opposing rear slides, rear entertainment and fireplace, kitchen and L shape counter. It was like brand new. There really wasn't much exterior damage and what I was guessing happened is that it slid off the road or something and damaged the driver side lower side panel.

It looked like they pulled on it from the passengers side because the shackles and part of the I shaped frame were bent with the passengers rear most shackle being the worst. It tweaked it and the springs all sort of at an angle with little damage to the front and progressing to the rear. It was nothing terrible and certainly easy fabrication with welding cutting grinding skills. It would need some cross bracing steel reinforcing and hydraulic force to bend the I shaped sheet metal frame into shape. I wasn't worried about any of it and always figured I would be putting the same work into any I shaped frame rig I would ever buy. It's not an I beam it's 3 pieces welded together. My main challenge would be to get it 15 miles to the storage yard were I could then Bend it all good enough to get it home 1000 miles.

After you register can see when the final auction date is and watch your pre bid. It's been almost 3 years so I'm rusty at even explaining all of it but what happened with me is that I was in pre bid at around $5,000 and they moved the auction date up to a point where I couldn't hang around any longer as we are snowbirds. As I checked back on the unit it suddenly disappeared from the bid list. I didn't enquirer so I dont know why it happened. Maybe the owner snatched it up. The other issue with that rig that probably wasn't repairable was that the frig was stuffed full of food and had a stench that would darn near drop you. It was the worst thing I have ever smelled.

So it's like anything else, it can be good and it can be bad. There are rigs that are repairable yet to me most of it is trash. You can walk up to one of them and think wow this is nice yet when you go inside the whole interior is totally trashed because the roof has leaked so much. There are many that probably have been wet yet could be usable. I had a pretty narrow window of what I would accept but for a person who wants to get in for little money I think it could be done if you have the time to be "In the game". Meaning be there to look at the rig and follow it as it is bid on. If it was coming down to the final hours of bidding I would want to be on site and do my final inspection right then and there.

Just say I was looking at something that I wanted because the end cap or the couch or something in it is was what I was looking for and it's $125, I wouldn't be real worried about bidding on it. I could trash it if it didn't work out well.

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Aside from all that, as a guy and an rv'er I thought it was a great place for entertainment. It's fun to browse all the different stuff and see huge boats that look ok as you walk up yet the whole rear end is burned off or MH that have burned. It's not a place to look at an rv on the website and bid on it then go pick it up. You could be very surprised.

I was there one day in 2015/16 for entertainment and talked to a guy who was loading an old popup. He buys them for parts and fixes one now and then.

This is the model I bid on

Another interesting thing that I found is that I was able to get the vin off the rig and go to the tax office in Tomball and pay a couple dollars, sign my name, and get the owners name address and phone number and iirc the bill of sale with original purchase price!!!! Now that is scary.

I had a lot of pics but must have deleted them

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Posted By: azrvingon 08/15/16 04:36pmAnother interesting thing about copart is when you watch the live auction on line, how many of the vehicles are bought from overseas buyers. One mans trash is another mans treasure. Posted By: westendon 08/15/16 05:24pm

Jebby14 wrote:
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might be ok to gut for a utility trailer or parts.

Yup, a gutted popup makes a great utility trailer. I have one here and another one it's way to becoming one. At $125 it's cheaper than buying any decent utility trailer. '03 F-250 4x4 CC
'71 Starcraft Wanderstar -- The Cowboy/Hilton Posted By: msmith1.waon 08/15/16 08:49pmCopart is one of the places that sell total loss vehicles for insurance companies. 2003 Silverado 2500HD 4x4 8.1l
2016 Evergreen Amped 28FS Posted By: rexlionon 08/15/16 09:57pmInteresting, I'd never heard of the site before. I looked and noticed that some sales apparently are for licensed dealers only. If their goal is to maximize the sale price, why do they limit the potential buyers? It doesn't make sense to me. Mike G.
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RV.Net Open Roads Forum: Travel Trailers: co part campers (4)Posted By: deltabravoon 08/15/16 10:34pm

rexlion wrote:
RV.Net Open Roads Forum: Travel Trailers: co part campers (5)
Interesting, I'd never heard of the site before. I looked and noticed that some sales apparently are for licensed dealers only. If their goal is to maximize the sale price, why do they limit the potential buyers? It doesn't make sense to me.

My understanding is that it's only for licensed dealers/repair shops... or someone with a business license.

A friend had a motorcycle shop and traveled to California many times to buy motorcycles, then he'd haul them back to his shop in WA and piece them together as "race bikes" or part them out on Ebay (selling the remaining good pieces).
They were always insurance totaled/branded title/VIN.

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Copart is a huge network of auto-recyclers and does auctions as well.

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2018 Arctic Fox 992 with an Onan 2500i "quiet" model generator Posted By: alaska315on 08/16/16 02:22amCopart is most definately NOT a scam.They are in fact an insurance salvage pool that is actually listed on the New York Stock exchange and has been for years.They have salvage pools in most every state in the USA.
I have hauled into and out of many of them over the years and have bought from them as well.
If it is listed as donated it is because ( and those of you who claimed it was a scam read very carefully ok) they also sell vehicles.boats campers etc. that are donated to charities like United Way to be resold for those charities.
NOW,read this part carefully as well.If you see a great deal on a pop up for 125.00 it might just be a great deal and I have bought many great deals from them over the years,BUT DO YOUR HOMEWORK because on top of that 125.00 are fees that can easily total another 300 or so and the item has to be removed within something like 5 days or there is a 20.00 a day storage fee.
Not all states in Copart business areas allow private persons to buy directly,meaning you have to go thru a licensed agent and that throws another fee into it and then of course you need to get in there quick and pick it up or get it transported,remember the storage fees and they don't budge on those.
Send me a private message if I can help you further but do your homework and ask questions before you bid on anything at a Copart so you don't claim you were scammed with extra fees after the sale when you have been told about them.They are there in the fine print on their site.
With that said,Copart is not my favorite place to do business but I will always consider them if it is a great deal and the fees are reasonable and I know I can get into that yard and get it out quickly.They have actually bought many of the crashed toys yards over the years.
Also keep in mind that many of their items have a reserve so just because your high bidder doesn't mean you will win.
I hope my many,many years of experience with them has helped you and others.

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Posted By: hawkeye-08on 08/16/16 10:45amI had not heard of this site before so had a look. This is where a bunch of the salvage titled (rebuilt once fixed) vehicles are coming from on Craigslist I am guessing. I saw a few that I might be interested in for parts (like a complete engine/trans) but they had high miles... Might be worth it if you did your homework... but as others have said, read the fine print. Posted By: CampingN.C.on 08/16/16 04:43pmLots of people think it's just another junk yard and it sure looks like one from the road (there's one five mins from me).
They really do have some good stuff if you can sort through it. 2018 Ram 3500 DRW CCLB Aisin 4.10 4x4

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Posted By: wanderingbobon 08/16/16 06:02pmCo-Part is a large chain of auto and salvage auctions , not necessarily a bunch of crooks . These sales are held at arms length and as is ! If any one has a complaint it is because the buyer did not understand what was going on !
I worked this business for more than thirty years and most problems that we had was because the buyers were not educated , did not understand " AS IS ".
If ya can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen !Many donations are just that , donations . Why would you donate ? More important things to do .Kids fly into Florida to settle Pops estate , give away his clothes , his fishing tackle and his R>V , Ain't no scam ! Posted By: hohenwald48on 08/17/16 07:06amCould be good if you're handy and looking for a project. When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

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Posted By: intheworkson 08/17/16 10:20amman, you guys are awesome. no flaming on this site, which is nice haha. thanks for all the input. if I can schedule some time to be at the auction and inspect the unit while having my laptop to pre bid that would be ideal. in VA and WV you have to be licensed or use a broker to live bid in auctions I can only pre bid and hope I win RV.Net Open Roads Forum: Travel Trailers: co part campers (6) Posted By: ymehpon 08/17/16 08:54pmBought my current TV from them 7 years ago and numerous other vehicles but never an RV. Always hit and miss as to how much work each unit needed. Being handy goes a long ways! 2012 Dutchmen 318RKDS
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