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Many types of serious injuries result from the dangerous, reckless or illegal behavior of others. A serious injury can mean months of treatment and care, surgeries, and rehabilitation with no possibility of being able to work and earn a living. Personal injury law covers slips and falls, to wrongful death cases, and everything in between. As personal injury lawyers we are dedicated to helping victims receive compensation for their suffering from those who caused the harm.

To ensure your rights and obtain a maximum recovery, it is important to work with a law firm that has a reputation of excellence and a foundation of experience. LACY LAW and our personal injury attorneys have represented clients throughout West Virginia for over 40 years resulting in million dollar and multi-million dollar settlements. We are part of a small percentage of personal injury lawyers in the United States recognized by other law firms for legal expertise and ethical conduct. As such, LACY LAW is nationally recognized for legal ability and professionalism. We have an established record of success in representing clients who have been damaged or injured by others whether it be from a car accident, mining accident, medical malpractice, birth injuries, cerebral palsy, trucking accident, mesothelioma, wrongful death or other catastrophic events. We are trial lawyers who will fight for your cause! You owe us nothing unless we recover damages for you. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you!





This area of law covers motor vehicle incidents.

If you or a loved one has been in a car, truck or motorcycle accident, contacting a personal injury attorney quickly can make a big difference in the outcome of your case. Lacy Law has extensive experience in the area of car, truck and motorcycle negligence law. Our results speak for themselves. If you’ve been in an auto accident in West Virginia, Contact Lacy Law today.

After an accident, there are steps you should take to protect your health and your rights. At Lacy Law, we relentlessly fight for the rights of our clients who have suffered injury, pain, and suffering due to vehicle negligence of another party.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Seek Immediate Medical Care

    Make sure to see to your own injuries and those of your passengers. Keep in mind that the severity of injuries is not always immediately known, and what may appear to be minor can eventually become more serious. Seek emergency or medical care immediately following the accident. A delay may affect your physical health and also be detrimental to your claim.

  2. Gather Thorough Information

    You must contact the police and have an accident report created to document the facts of the accident as soon as possible. The more information you gather, the better for your case. Your police report should include all relevant information, including (but not limited to) the names, phone numbers and insurance companies of all parties involved in the accident as well as any witnesses to the accident. Be sure to obtain a copy of all your medical records and document any days lost from work.

  3. Don’t Discuss the Accident

    Avoid having discussions with anyone other than the reporting police officer about the incident – Do NOT admit fault. If you have to deal with the insurance company, say as little as possible. You should never agree to sign any paperwork without obtaining an attorney to advise you. Never agree to provide a recorded statement. Avoid speaking about your case to the media or on social media websites. Information posted online or via-email is not confidential.

  4. Take Pictures and/or Video

    If you are able, it is extremely important to record your injuries and any property damage to the vehicles at the accident scene. If unable to take any photographs or video, simply draw the positions of the cars involved to the best of your ability.

If you’ve been in an accident, Contact Us immediately for a case analysis. No matter what county you live in, Lacy Law will fight for your rights

A trucking accident is a vehicular collision where at least one of the persons involved is driving a truck, tractor trailer, 18-wheeler, semi, or other commercial vehicle.

West Virginia drivers are accustomed to sharing the road with commercial trucks, but accidents can and do happen; and the results can be devastating. Driver negligence, including, speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving are compounded when the driver is operating a large truck or semi. In addition, the fatigue that comes with long truck routes can increase the risk of an accident.

Though truck driver negligence is a common cause, there are many other factors that may lead to a truck accident, including:

  • Equipment Failure – Improperly maintained vehicles are an accident waiting to happen. Though states require regular inspections and maintenance for trucking companies, guidelines are often ignored. Faulty equipment like defective tires, or worn out brakes can lead to accidents.
  • Weather Conditions – Due to their weight and size, commercial trucks can’t stop as quickly as smaller vehicles. It’s also more difficult, if not impossible, for them to drive around road hazards that occur unexpectedly. Wet roads, snow and ice can make it that much harder for a large truck to stop.
  • Improper Loading – If a truck’s cargo isn’t loaded properly the chance for an accident to occur becomes that much greater. Loads that are unbalanced or improperly secured can cause a vehicle to tip, or a driver to lose their load in transit, putting themselves and other drivers at serious risk.

If you or someone you love is involved in a truck accident, you need a truck accident personal injury attorney in West Virginia with the experience and the resources to fight for you. Trucking companies and insurance companies are very aggressive when it comes to these types of cases. Gerald Lacy and the team of Lacy Law have handled numerous trucking cases and should be your choice in trucking accident lawyers.

Let Lacy Law fight for you. Contact Us today.



A motorcycle accident is a vehicular collision where at least one of the persons involved is riding on or driving a motorcycle.

Anyone with a motorcycle has heard “be careful out there. It’s not your driving that’s the problem, it’s the other guys.” Unfortunately, no matter how careful you are in terms of motorcycle safety, you can’t eliminate the errors of others – especially with the increase in distracted driving.

Motorcycle accidents are especially dangerous because riders have almost zero protection in the case of a crash. A victim is likely to suffer major trauma or serious injury, which can lead to financial hardship and mental stress. That’s why it’s important to remember, when a collision is caused by the negligence of another, you have a right to pursue litigation. If you’ve been injured, call a motorcycle accident attorney in West Virginia that isn’t afraid to fight the insurance companies.

Lacy Law’s personal injury attorneys will go the distance with insurance companies to ensure optimal recovery of funds. Our successful trial record and attentive team will fight every step of the way to achieve the best possible award as your motorcycle accident attorneys.

You have a right to the road – and Lacy Law never gives up. Contact Us today.


A boating accident (boating negligence) is a collision where at least one of the persons involved is riding or driving a boat, jet ski, wave runner or other watercraft.

Water sports are enjoyed by people of all ages in West Virginia. Unfortunately, taking in the beauty and having fun can sometimes cause us to forget that the rules of the “road” still apply. Those operating a boat, jet ski, wave runner, or other watercraft are expected to navigate waters carefully and responsibly. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

Even on the water, people are prone to the same behaviors that endanger motorists on the road, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, distracted driving, or behaving recklessly. Should a boat operator act in a negligent or reckless manner and cause injury to another, he or she may be held liable for the harm that is sustained by the victim.

Boat or other watercraft accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries, including death and drowning. If you or someone you love is the victim of a boating accident, you need an experienced boat accident attorney in West Virginia fighting on your behalf. Count on the extensive trial experience and unwavering dedication of Lacy Law. Gerald Lacy and his team of personal injury attorneys have won millions on behalf of their clients. If you’ve been in a boating accident, you need a boating accident attorney that can protect your interests and make sure you are taken care of.

Contact Lacy Law Today. Our team is here for you.

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