Hocking Hills Pet Friendly Rentals | Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Ohio (2023)

Hocking Hills Pet Friendly Rentals | Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Ohio (1)

Hocking Hills, Ohio truly has it all for travelers looking for a rustic getaway destination that comes complete with outdoor adventure. Hikers will be thrilled with the many trails winding through Hocking Hills State Park while those looking for an underground adventure will be captivated by the region’s many beautiful sandstone caves. Wherever your travels take you, these adventures are often best experienced in the company of family, friends and four-legged friends. When you’re traveling with pets in tow, our Hocking Hills pet friendly rentals are the best lodging option for you to experience an incredible vacation. Let the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodges take care of your Hocking Hills pet-friendly rental needs. We’ll make sure you’re settled in a beautiful cabin or lodge that keeps the entire crew comfortable from the moment you arrive.

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Amenities That Meet Your Every Need

There’s no reason to leave comfort or luxury behind when you book into one of our Hocking Hills pet friendly rentals with Buffalo Cabins and Lodges. Guests who book one of our Hocking Hills pet-friendly rentals will enjoy spacious properties that are more isolated than hotel rentals and come with large, fully equipped kitchens, sprawling bedrooms, and plush and stylish furnishings.

Those traveling chefs that are looking forward to serving up home-cooked meals on vacation will be thrilled with the fact that many of our pet friendly cabins in Ohio state parks include kitchens stocked with the cookware and utensils required to dish up something savory at a moment’s notice. As an added bonus, many of these kitchens also include beautiful countertops, ample cabinet space, and high-end appliances. When staying in our weekly, monthly, or long-term pet-friendly cabins in Ohio state parks, these kitchens will help you save money and foster a real home away from home environment.

Enjoy the addition of outdoor patios for those moments everyone wants to socialize while taking in the view. When it’s time to retire for the night, large, flat-screen televisions await alongside high-speed internet connections. Indulge in the rustic décor that accents many of ourpet friendly cabins in Ohio and keeps the beauty of Hocking Hills’ nature reflected indoors. When you aren’t out making the most of the scenery, keep the view top of mind by enjoying the large windows that adorn many of our pet-friendly Hocking Hills rentals. Not only do these windows allow for plenty of natural light to filter through spacious floor plans, but guests can wake up and go to sleep with a view that’s sure to inspire. Of course, each pet-friendly vacation rental in Ohio is regularly cleaned to ensure it is ready for your stay!

Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals in Ohio with Extras You and Your Pet Deserve

While our pet-friendly vacation rentals in Ohio come with the extras your pet requires to stay comfortable on vacation, there’s no reason to hesitate when you’re craving those very human luxuries you’ve been dreaming of. Let us know when you’re looking for a pet-friendly rental that comes with multiple fireplaces, an extra-large backyard, an outdoor firepit or granite countertops. If you’re traveling with family and friends and looking forward to quality time at the rental, be sure to ask about our pet-friendly properties that come with pool tables! Similarly, many of our pet-friendly rentals in the Hocking Hills area can be customized to taste and style by providing multi-level balconies, a private pool or a pond view for added charm.

Getting Out and About

While your Hocking Hills pet-friendly rental is sure to please, Hocking Hills is a place that asks visitors to get out and explore. If you’re a hiker, be sure to hit up Ash, Old Man’s Cave and Rock House Trails for some incredible views and opportunities to explore caves as well. All three of these trails are dog-friendly as long as your canine companion remains on a leash at all times. Don’t miss out on a stay at our Hocking Hills Old Man’s Cave cabin rentals.

Activities That Make for a Memorable Stay

While hiking the many trails and exploring hidden away caves is thrilling, Hocking Hills is packed with other forms of fun as well. When you’re looking to change things up and make the most of the many activities available, be sure to add these stops to your itinerary!

Hocking Valley Scenic Railway

Take a trip through the Hocking Hills landscape on a historic steam engine that’s bound to be fun for the entire family! The Hocking Valley Scenic Railway operates between Memorial Day and October, giving you a chance to ride multiple times and see an ever-changing view that’s altered with the seasons. Hop aboard at 33 W. Canal Street in Nelsonville and a holiday-themed or traditional ride that’s educational and inspiring. Tickets to ride can be purchased in advance by calling 614-226-5302. The train station is open to the public daily from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Hocking Hills Chic Boutique

When you’re in the mood to shop and can’t wait to browse a collection of one-of-a-kind items and apparel, make your way to Hocking Hills Chic Boutique and plan on spending a stylish afternoon with family and friends. Located at 26772 US Highway 33 in Rockbridge, Hocking Hills Chic Boutique carries a collection of women, men’s and teenage apparel that’s both used and new making this a budget-friendly stop for all. In addition to apparel, this store carries jewelry, purses, wedding gowns, prom dresses and more! Make the most of your time visiting by hanging out in the lounge with a cup of coffee before hitting the racks once again.

Rose Lake

When you’re looking to make the absolute most of a pristine day spent out on the lake, casting a line or simply taking time to unwind with loved ones, a trip to Rose Lake is an absolute must-do activity while staying in our pet-friendly cabins in Ohio state parks. This reservoir is truly a place to relish nature and is found conveniently located near Old Man’s Cave, making it the ideal stopover when you’re already out and about exploring the area. It can easily be accessed by traversing Old Man’s Cave gorge and once you arrive, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to linger. The waters are gentle, and the surrounding trees provide a feeling of true off-the-beaten-path adventure.

John Glenn Astronomy Park

For those who are interested in taking their Hocking Hills nights to the next level of excellence, a trip to the John Glenn Astronomy Park is sure to be an inspiring stop during your stay. The night sky opens up with its many mysteries for guests who make their way in this direction. The park is located at 20531 OH-664 and provides visitors and locals a place to escape the harsh lights and enjoy observing the cosmos with the help of a high-powered telescope tucked away in a wonderful observatory. Of course, bringing your own telescope is always an option for experienced observers who are looking for a place to practice their hobby without any other illuminating distractions.

Hocking Hills Winery

For a palate-pleasing moment that’s sure to be as savory as it is fun and relaxing, make your way to Hocking Hills Winery and enjoy a flavorful moment or two with friends. This area winery provides insightful tours of the vineyards during the summer months and guests are encouraged to ask any and all questions that might come up about the growing and wine production process. After an education on all things wine, be sure to savor the many flavors that are available by taking part in a tasting session. Don’t be surprised if this session leads to the purchase of a bottle or two.

Maya Burrito Co.

The culinary scene in Hocking Hills is as diverse as the landscape itself and when a day of exploration has led to an increased appetite, head over to Maya Burrito Co. and enjoy some authentic and savory Mexican fare in a fun and colorful setting. Guests are invited to come in and build their own burrito or order off the menu according to preference. The atmosphere is casual, and the service is friendly. When you’re looking to combine your experience with a budget-friendly move, head over on a Tuesday when tacos are only $1. No matter when you arrive, a stop at Maya Burrito Co. is sure to please! Taking your leftovers or carry out back to your pet-friendly vacation rentals in Ohio from Buffalo Cabins and Lodges is sure to make for a tasty treat as well!

A Stay in Our Memorable Hocking Hills Pet Friendly Rentals

When you’re headed to Hocking Hills, the team at Buffalo Cabins and Lodges is here to take the stress out of booking your Hocking Hills, Ohio, cabins with pet friendly amenities. We’ll make sure your pet-friendly cabin is a perfect fit. Contact us today to get started planning your adventure!

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What Kind of Attractions Are There in Hocking Hills?

There are many fun and interesting attractions to experience in Hocking Hills, ranging from historical museums to many famous caves, trails and parks! You can learn more about Hocking Hills Attractions here! Don’t forget to book a stay in one of our Hocking Hills, Ohio, cabins with pet friendly amenities first!

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