DoorDash Promo Codes for Black Friday 2022 | 55% Off (2023)

DoorDash Discounts Availability
Discount TypeAvailabilityDiscount Amount
New customer couponsfree delivery;varying amount off orders
Existing customer couponsfree delivery; up to 50% off
Order pickupno delivery fee
Free deliveryfor DashPass members
Military discount-
Student discount25% off
Newsletter coupon-
Rewards program-
Referral program$10 off
App savingsfor new customers only
Social media promo codesup to 30% off

Intro to Doordash

DoorDash leads the restaurant delivery industry and connects customers to their most loved restaurant food options throughout their city. Restaurants can expand their business by becomingDoorDash-affiliated. Use one of ourDoorDash discount codes to score free delivery or a reduced price on your order.

Popular restaurant options

According to recent articles, the most frequently delivered food items on DoorDash include french fries, chicken nuggets, pizza, cheesesteak, acai bowls, and mac & cheese. You can find these popular items in addition to arange of your other favorite meals from these top DoorDash restaurants:

  • Taco Bell

  • McDonald's

  • Subway

  • Dunkin' Donuts

  • IHOP

  • Denny's

  • Burger King

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You can also, of course, order from DoorDash's selection of local restaurants near you.

How to apply your coupon code

It’s easy to redeem your DoorDash promo code if you follow these steps:

  • Choose the DoorDash discount code that will save you the most money, and copy it.

  • Head over to the app or DoorDash website, and select the restaurants and food that you want.

  • When you’re finished, head to the checkout page, and locate the promo code box.

  • Enter your promo code there, and click on the "Apply" button to update your total.

Questions to ask if your coupon code is not working

  • Was the DoorDash coupon entered correctly? Make sure that you used the proper spelling and capitalization.

  • Did the promo code expire? Some can only be used for a limited time.

  • Do you have to purchase a minimum amount to qualify for the discount?

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  • Does the coupon apply only to a particular restaurant or food category?

What to do when no coupons are online

Stacking coupons

You can only use one DoorDash promo code per order. If you apply a second promo code, the newer promo will be applied. Some promo codes will have multiple offers such as free delivery plus a discount, so keep an eye out for these deals.

In-store coupons

You cannot use a DoorDash coupon you found online when you're at a restaurant in person. Some restaurants may have their own promotions that are separate from DoorDash. Any online coupons will need to be used on the app or DoorDash website to obtain the discount. Some can be used for takeout orders placed in the app.

The best DoorDash online deals and offers

New customer coupons

New DoorDash customers have a range of DoorDash new customer coupons to choose from including free delivery for the first order or a month of DashPass for free. Some new customer DoorDash coupon codes will give you a discount on the order as well as either a dollar amount or percentage off.

Doordash promo codes for existing users

Existing customers can still occasionally save with DoorDash's existing customer coupons. Keep an eye out for offers such as past deals for 20% off at select restaurants or 30% off for the next two orders. Some restaurants will even offer free items when you place an order of a certain amount.

Save with order pickup

With DoorDash order pickup, you can save on the delivery fee at select restaurants by picking up the food yourself. There are even some DoorDash discount codes that can help you save money on your first pickup order to try it out. Restaurants will indicate if order pickup is available.

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Free delivery conditions

Free delivery at DoorDash is available with select coupons to help you save. Some of these offers of free shipping from DoorDash apply for the first month of orders. You can also sign up for the paid subscription DashPass to get unlimited free delivery on most orders. Orders require a minimum dollar amount.

Student discount offers

If you're over 16 and attending a college, university, or high school, you can get a student discount at DoorDash through Student Beans. Once you sign up, you can get a code for 25% off of your first order. This coupon can only be used a single time.

Students can now get a discount on their DashPass membership as well! Sign up for DashPass and pay just $4.99 a month for your subscription and you'll get 10% off every order.

Newsletter coupon

Currently, there is no DoorDash newsletter coupon available. The company occasionally posts updates and new information on the app and website to provide new information. DoorDash also posts discounts on social media, so keep an eye out for these promos.

Signing up for the rewards program

A DoorDash rewards membership is not currently available. There is a subscription service called DashPass where you pay a monthly fee to get unlimited free delivery. You can occasionally find discounts that allow you to have a trial of DashPass to see how it can work for you.

Seasonal sales

There are a lot of ways to save throughout the year at DoorDash thanks to seasonal promotions and other discounts. Here is a list of some of DoorDash’s previous sales:

  • New Years' sale: You can ring in the new year with discounts from various restaurants or grocery deliveries for your celebration by saving 25% or more during DoorDash holiday sales.

  • Black Friday sale: Get up to 50% off on deliveries and other offers during DoorDash Black Friday weekend.

  • Summer sale: DoorDash summer sales are popular toward the end of the season with some back-to-school discounts and other offers for savings of 25% or more.

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Referral program

The DoorDash referral program is a great way to earn DoorDash credits for your next order. With this program, the first 25 referrals can get $10 off of their first three orders. Some offers will even give them a $30 credit. It depends on the promotion.

Accepted payment methods

In addition to credit and debit cards as DoorDash payment methods, you can use your PayPal balance to place orders. If you have a DoorDash gift card, you can use it to pay for your next order. Make sure to grab a coupon to save even more.

Purchasing gift cards

You can purchase digital DoorDash gift certificates through the app or website. You can also send DoorDash gift cards to friends and family. You can purchase these cards in amounts of $25, $50, $75, $100, or $200. You will need to purchase these one at a time if using the website.

App savings opportunities

With the DoorDash app, you can easily place orders for your next meal. New customers who sign up can get discounts such as the first month of delivery fees waived. Other DoorDash promo codes will let you save $10 off your first order or offer similar savings.

Social media promo codes

Occasionally, DoorDash social media promo codes are available when they partner with content creators on Instagram or YouTube through sponsor posts. Many of these DoorDash coupon codes will allow new customers to save 30% or more on their first order.

Order cancellations and refunds

According to the DoorDash refund policy, the amount of refund can vary depending on when you cancel the order. Here's what you can expect:


How can I get free DoorDash level 2022? ›

DashPass. If you use DoorDash often, you can save on delivery fees by signing up for DashPass. It is a subscription service that gives customers $0 delivery fees from unlimited amounts of participating restaurants.

Does DoorDash do Black Friday? ›

DoorDash Promo Code: 50% Off → Black Friday 2022.

What is the dasher promo code? ›

Cancel at least one day prior to renewal to avoid being billed on your account here. Summer Special: $24 Off Premium Subscription with promo code: DASHER24 until Sept. 5th 2022. As a Dasher, it's important to keep track of your own mileage.

How do I get my DoorDash discount? ›

DoorDash promo: Join DashPass and get 50% off your first 2 orders. New DashPass members can enjoy a 50% discount on their first 2 orders at DoorDash! Sign up now and unlock the offer before it ends. No DoorDash promo codes is necessary.

What was the free DoorDash glitch? ›

The glitch was caused by a payment processing issue that allowed users to check out without an authorized form of payment. The DoorDash glitch went viral on Twitter as people found out about it, resulting in restaurants across the country having to take orders and deliveries en masse.

Does DoorDash use promo codes? ›

DoorDash offers free delivery for select national and local restaurants. The company also offers up to $15 off the total order when first-time users apply a promotion code.

Are Friday nights good for DoorDash? ›

The evening shifts are also to be considered as peak doordash times. If you are looking for a weekend job, as you can see, the best days to DoorDash are Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Keep in mind that the ends of each month are slow.

Did DoorDash give free food? ›

'Y'all Going to Jail': Customers Received Free Food and Alcohol Due to DoorDash Glitch. The app reportedly had technological difficulties on Thursday.

Is Friday night a good time to DoorDash? ›

Late nights on Fridays and Saturdays are also some of the best times to Dash since order volume is high. DoorDash even states that these times are “often the busiest times to dash — which should mean more money!

How do you get $1000 bonus on DoorDash? ›

Here are some important points to know about the DoorDash driver sign up: In 2022 the Doordash sign up bonus offers minimum guaranteed earnings of up to $1,000. To qualify for the new driver promotion, you have to use a valid DoorDash Driver referral code or referral link at sign up.

How do I get unlimited DoorDash for free? ›

With a DashPass membership, you can get unlimited $0 delivery fees and reduced service fees on orders over $12 from thousands of participating restaurants, grocery and convenience stores nationwide. Members can also count on earning 5% back in DoorDash credit on all pick-up orders.

How do you get the 200 bonus DoorDash? ›

To be eligible to receive the $200 sign up bonus, applicants must commence their sign up to the DoorDash dasher platform by 11:59pm AEST on 28 November 2022 and complete at least 20 separate deliveries within the Sydney area on the DoorDash dasher platform by 12:00 pm on 9 December 2022 AEST.

How do you get 50% on DoorDash? ›

Purchase minimum of $15. Qualifying customers will obtain 50% off their next 3 orders up to $10 per order, plus $0 delivery fee on their first DoorDash order. New users only. Minimum order value of $15.

How many promo codes can DoorDash use? ›

Unless otherwise indicated in offer, all promo codes are limited to one per person. $0 or $1 Delivery Fee Terms and Conditions: DoorDash's General Terms and Use of Promotional Code(s) Terms apply. Other fees (including but not limited to service fees, small order fees, and surge fees), taxes, and gratuity still apply.

How do I get my DoorDash $150? ›

This signup offer is for an extra $150 when you complete 10 deliveries by April 25, 2021 at 11:59 PM local time. Offer is available for new Dasher independent contractors only. To claim this offer, you must sign up to be a Dasher using the link with the offer in the DoorDash app.

What is the $150 challenge on DoorDash? ›

So they offered a challenge where new Dashers could earn an extra $150 by completing ten deliveries by a particular date. DoorDash also offers guaranteed earnings from time to time. During these periods, they will guarantee their Dashers will earn a certain amount of money.

How do you get 1000 a week off DoorDash? ›

How much can you make with DoorDash a week? Driving a long shift like that over the weekend is a jumpstart toward that $1000 weekly pay. And, if you continue to drive smart and hustle, you might be able to make the grand in a week with just five days of driving.

Can DoorDash be hacked? ›

Food delivery company DoorDash revealed on Thursday that customer and employee data has been exposed as a result of a recent breach at a third-party vendor. DoorDash said hackers abused a third-party vendor's access to its systems.

Can Dashers see your tip? ›

DoorDash drivers can't technically see the tip before they deliver the order, but in practice, they can tell if the order comes with a tip based on the payout they're getting for the order.

Why can't I use DoorDash promo codes? ›

There can be a few reasons why a DoorDash promo code may not be working.
  • The Promo Code May Have Expired. ...
  • The Promo Code May Only Be Applicable For Certain Restaurants Or Items On The Menu. ...
  • There May Be A Minimum Order Requirement In Order For The Promo Code To Apply.
20 Oct 2022

How do I get a DoorDash no delivery fee? ›

The order must reach a minimum subtotal of $15 to be eligible for $0 delivery fees. The next time that customer orders from your stores, they pay the delivery fee like normal. We also help you retarget those customers via their recently ordered tab, and programmatic 'reorder' emails.

Is 9pm too late for DoorDash? ›

DoorDash can deliver throughout the night, depending on your location. In most cities and towns where DoorDash operates, you won't have any problem getting DoorDash deliveries until around 9-10 PM, or even a bit later. However, things may change once you get past the 10 or 11 PM mark, depending on where you live.

How much can I make door dashing for 3 hours? ›

DoorDash pays $23 per hour on average, and you can likely complete three to four orders per hour in a decent market. This means DoorDash pays around $6 to $7 per delivery. However, factors like delivery distance, tips, peak pay, and your market all influence earnings.

Is late night door dashing worth it? ›

If you are a night owl and live in an urban area, night hours can be very profitable. Many people order food late at night and during early morning hours. Thus, you can make good money working during these wee hours – one of my favorites when thinking about the best times to DoorDash.

How can I get free food with no money? ›

Your local food bank can help you find food today. They partner with food pantries, soup kitchens, and meal programs in your local community to give away free food. Enter your zip code to find your nearest Feeding America member food bank. They'll share the locations and hours of nearby food distributions.

Does DoorDash give you a free bag? ›

Yes! Once you complete your first delivery, we'll ship your DoorDash Kit, which includes both a Red Card and DoorDash insulated tote bag. We'll let you know when your kit is on the way. When your kit arrives, it will have instructions on activating and using your new Red Card.

What happens if DoorDash drops your food? ›

If an item spills during a delivery, the best Dashers recommend continuing with the delivery. When you deliver the items that are unaffected by the spill, make sure to reach out to DoorDash Support so they can inform the customer of what happened and also provide them assistance with the spilled items.

How do I get a high paying order on DoorDash? ›

A: Dashers must have a customer rating of at least 4.5 and an acceptance rate of 50% or higher to unlock priority access to high paying orders. Dashers who have an acceptance rate of 70% or higher will receive even more priority for high paying orders.

How much can you make in 4 hours on DoorDash? ›

How much do drivers make delivering with DoorDash? Dashers nationally earn $25 per hour they work, including 100% of tips. Where can I see my earnings? To see your Dasher earnings, open your Dasher app and tap Earnings.

Why does DoorDash have hidden tips? ›

First, Doordash hidden tips ensures that drivers do not discriminate against certain orders based on the expected tip amount. According to the company, they hide part of the tip because they don't want drivers cherry picking.

How do you get 500 dollars on DoorDash? ›

Example of Guaranteed Earnings offer: “Earn at least $500 in total earnings for 50 deliveries in the next week.” Example: If you complete a minimum of 50 deliveries within 7 days as an active Dasher, you will earn at least $500.

How does the $600 DoorDash referral work? ›

If a referral bonus is offered in your area, a "Refer friends" banner will appear at the top of the screen and will show the bonus amount you'd receive if the person you refer completes the required number of deliveries. Tap on the banner to send referral invites via SMS, Facebook, Twitter or email.

Can DoorDash tell if you're speeding? ›

Once DoorDash accepts you as a driver, you will need to keep your driving record clean. When DoorDash runs its periodic background checks, it will note any minor traffic violations.

How do you get 100s on DoorDash? ›

Top 19 Tips on How to Make the Most Money on Doordash
  1. Understand Where Your Money Comes From.
  2. Strive for Good Reviews.
  3. Deliver During Peak Hours.
  4. Schedule Your Dash Ahead of Time.
  5. Avoid Traffic Jams.
  6. Find the Perfect Waiting Spot.
  7. Take Advantage of Low Competition.
  8. Know When People Order More.

Can you pay cash with DoorDash? ›

Look for orders that say Cash on Delivery and accept just like any other order—the only difference is you'll get paid in cash when you drop them off. Get paid the minute you deliver the order. Once you collect the payment, you're done. Keep 100% of the cash (including any cash tips).

Is Double Dash free DoorDash? ›

Today, we are introducing DoubleDash — a new innovation that lets you add your favorite items from nearby stores to your original order for no additional delivery fee or order minimum. Both your orders will arrive together, with the same Dasher*.

How do I get a 10 99 from DoorDash? ›

Dashers in the US

If you earned $600 or more in 2021 on the DoorDash platform, you'll receive a 1099-NEC form via our partner Stripe.

Is there a new dasher bonus? ›

As of 2022, the current sign-up bonus for DoorDash guarantees food delivery drivers up to $1,000 in earnings. You will need to have a valid DoorDash driver referral code to qualify for the DoorDash sign-up bonus. The program is known as Guaranteed Earnings incentives.

What happens when you reach 5000 deliveries on DoorDash? ›

In the United States, Dashers who've provided at least 5,000 lifetime deliveries were paid between $500 to $20,000 on Wednesday, based on the number of deliveries. The company declined to elaborate on how many workers received the extra cash.

What does +2 mean on DoorDash? ›

$2 extra per delivery x 1 order = $2 total.

Is DoorDash or Ubereats cheaper? ›

You should now know that DoorDash usually has lower fees than Uber Eats. Both restaurants and customers can get cheaper deals through DoorDash than via the Uber Eats online platform or mobile app. Sometimes, you may see lower delivery fees at Uber Eats. But, overall, DoorDash is the cheaper option.

Does DoorDash pay you for waiting? ›

Instead of base pay or Peak Pay, you will see DoorDash pay, which will be calculated using the guaranteed hourly rate and your total time spent on the delivery— from when you accept an order to when you deliver it, including the wait time at the merchant.

How do you get free credits on 2022 DoorDash? ›

An existing customer can send a referral link to someone they know, If you receive such a code, you can save on your first order and help the person who sent the link get credits towards their DoorDash account. For the referral to work, the new person must order the minimum amount required ( maybe $15).

Can I DoorDash 2 things at once? ›

You cannot order from multiple restaurants in a single order. However, you can place multiple orders, from one or more restaurants, active at the same time. Applicable fees and taxes will be charged for each order you place. Can I order from different restaurants at the same time?

Why is DoorDash giving me $5? ›

Only DashPass members on the Mastercard DashPass Free Trial plan who make an eligible purchase will receive a $5 order discount each month. 6. What is DashPass?

What is the DoorDash $5 Challenge? ›

Each week, Dashers who accept and complete orders totaling 100 miles in a motor vehicle will earn an extra $5 – and those extra earnings will increase the more they deliver. For 175 miles, for instance, Dashers will earn an extra $10, and for 225 miles, they will earn another $15.

How do I see my DoorDash promotions? ›

Login and from the sidebar, select “Grow Your Sales” Select “Explore All Promos” and select a promotion type. Follow the onscreen instructions - different promotions are best suited for different business goals.

Does DoorDash give you free stuff? ›

DoorDash offers many types of offers and promos throughout the app. You can get them for restaurants orders, convenience and grocery orders, or from selected brands. Some of these offers include: $0 delivery fee, discounted or free items, grocery deals, and DashPass exclusive offers.

How can I get free food if I have no money? ›

Your local food bank can help you find food today. They partner with food pantries, soup kitchens, and meal programs in your local community to give away free food. Enter your zip code to find your nearest Feeding America member food bank. They'll share the locations and hours of nearby food distributions.

How much can you make on DoorDash in a day 2022? ›

Considering that you can make $15-$25/hour, DoorDash drivers can make $120-$200/day if they work for eight hours. If you can only work half of those hours, your pay will be closer to $60-$100/day.

Can a dasher get free food? ›

you can take it with you ("free food"). But, you must go through the proper process of genuinely trying to reach the customer (call, text, wait, knock/ring, etc. multiple times) and reaching out to Doordash support to have them attempt to contact the customer (they will give you clearance to take the food or not).

Can you tip $0 on DoorDash? ›

But DoorDash itself has admitted that selecting a 15% tip doesn't change the workers' pay by a penny. It just replaces what DoorDash would have paid. The customer could tip $0 in-app, and the worker would get the same amount.

How do I waive DoorDash fees? ›

The order must reach a minimum subtotal of $15 to be eligible for $0 delivery fees. The next time that customer orders from your stores, they pay the delivery fee like normal. We also help you retarget those customers via their recently ordered tab, and programmatic 'reorder' emails.

How do I get a free DoorDash order? ›

DoorDash offers free deliveries to new customers on orders over $10.
Try a DashPass account for free deliveries.
  1. DoorDash offers a DashPass membership at a lower rate for students. ...
  2. To sign up for DashPass on the DoorDash website, visit the page and select a plan.
25 Oct 2022

Can you pay DoorDash with cash when they get to your house? ›

DoorDash does accept cash as a payment option if the DoorDash merchant and the delivery driver accept cash. When a cash order comes in, dashers can accept or decline it without any penalties. However, DoorDash doesn't accept cash on its Marketplace platform, which is another name for the app.

How can I get money right now? ›

19 Ways to Find Fast Cash
  1. Sell spare electronics. ...
  2. Sell your gift cards. ...
  3. Pawn something. ...
  4. Work today for pay today. ...
  5. Seek community loans and assistance. ...
  6. Ask for forbearance on bills. ...
  7. Request a payroll advance. ...
  8. Take a loan from your retirement account.
16 Aug 2022

What food apps give free food for signing up? ›

You'll want to take note that some restaurant apps require you to make an initial purchase or register for a loyalty account to get your free food.
  • Auntie Anne's.
  • Baskin-Robbins.
  • Burger King.
  • Chick-fil-A.
  • Chipotle.
  • The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.
  • Dairy Queen.
  • Dunkin' Donuts.
24 Oct 2022

What do you eat when you don't have money? ›

Meals to Make When You Have No Money
  • 1.) Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This one's a bit obvious, but PB&J is a classic staple and a REALLY simple meal. ...
  • 2.) Pasta and jarred sauce. ...
  • 3.) Bean and cheese burritos. ...
  • 4.) Pancakes/waffles. ...
  • 5.) Grilled cheese sandwiches. ...
  • 6.) Chili cheese dogs. ...
  • 7.) Sloppy Joes. ...
  • 8.) Goulash.
27 Oct 2021

How do I make $1000 a week with DoorDash? ›

How much can you make with DoorDash a week? Driving a long shift like that over the weekend is a jumpstart toward that $1000 weekly pay. And, if you continue to drive smart and hustle, you might be able to make the grand in a week with just five days of driving.

What is the highest salary on DoorDash? ›

Salaries at Doordash range from an average of $54,652 to $160,657 a year.

What is the highest pay in DoorDash? ›

The best DoorDash driver pay: $50 orders and $1900 per week

A big payout usually comes from the tip, but sometimes the base pay is the most lucrative. For example, here's a $13 base pay. Typical base pay is around $5. Here are strong weekly earnings: Around $25 per hour on 50 hours.


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