District 25 eNews, April 12, 2018 (2023)

  • Brightside Community Wide Clean Up - This Saturday
  • Free Dental Care to Veterans on April 17th from Aspen Dental's MouthMobile
  • Ken-Ducky Derby 2018 - Adopt a DUCK, Win a TRUCK!
  • Take a look at BBB’s hot topics for April 2018!
  • Report Pot Holes - Call 311
  • The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District Needs To Hear From You!
  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
  • AARP Tax-Aide
  • Dixie Highway Construction Updates from KYTC
  • KY Transportation Cabinet Dixie Highway Repaving Commonly Asked Questions
  • District 25's Community Calendar
  • Dixie Area Business Association Drug Toss Tuesday, April 17th 6pm-7:30pm Holy Cross
  • Louisville Metro Accepting Bids to Move 5305 Blevins Gap Road Until April 23, 3pm
  • New Directions Repair Affair Assistance
  • Protect Your Family Against Hepatitis A
  • Get Your Employees/Workers Immunized Against Hepatitis A for $25
  • Golfer's Gauntlet 2018
  • Iroquois Amphitheater - Free Movies
  • Kentucky Shakespeare in the Park - A Midsummer Night's Dream - Free Event!
  • 5424 New Cut Road - Waiver Request
  • Heartsong Memory Care - Caregiver Support and Education Forum-3rd Tuesday of Month
  • Spring Craft Fair at Kenwood Heights - 4/14
  • World Tai Chi Day - 4/28/18
  • Jefferson Memorial Forest Events
  • Adopt-A-Pet of the Week

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Councilman Yates supports all of the great groups in our community that help make our community clean, especially after the long cold winter, full of litter.

Councilman Yates' Spring Clean-Up is along St. Andrews Church Road and plans to have a Fall Clean-Up in the Prairie Village/Valley Station area.

If you would like to participate in Councilman Yates' clean-up this Saturday, please contact 574-1125 or david.yates@louisvilleky.gov!

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It is not too late to register your own team!


The cleanup will take place on Saturday, April 14th with the suggested cleanup times of 8:00am – 12:00pm. (If the date we have set doesn't work for your group, that's OK, we will support any cleanup that takes place in the weeks surrounding April 14th.)

All cleanup teams will receive bags and gloves at no cost, and the first 5,000 volunteers to register will also receive a free t-shirt. Brightside welcomes groups of all sizes, big and small and if you're not sure where you would like to hold your cleanup we can help with that too, just give us a call or send us an email and we will be happy to make asuggestion.


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Aspen Dental’s MouthMobile – a 42-foot-long dentist office onwheels - is coming toLouisvilleonApril 17thto provide free care to local veterans as part of thisyear’s30-stop cross-countrytour. Dentists and their teams from area Aspen Dental practices arevolunteering their services for the event.

We’d like to invite you to stop by to meet area veterans, tourthe MouthMobile and hear more about our Healthy Mouth Movement, which focuseson empowering veterans through the gift of a healthy smile.

  • Date: Tuesday, April 17th
  • Time: 9:00am-3:00pm
  • Place: Cobalt Lot across from Louisville Slugger Field(212 N Floyd St, Louisville, KY 40202)
  • Parking: Parking lot at location

TheMouthMobile, whichwill be parked at theCobalt Lot across fromLouisville Slugger Field, is handicap accessible and fully equipped with twooperatories, digital X-rays and a denture lab.

We hope to see you there so we can discuss the potential forworking together to raise awareness of the barriers to care faced by ourveterans and ways to improve dental care access for them. We haveincludeddetail below on this issue and what Aspen Dental is doing to helpas a reference.

For more information or to let us know you’re attending, pleasecontactAnnie Williams at(202) 263-2585 or annie@curleycompany.com.

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Get ready for one of the mostexciting events in Louisville!

The 15th Annual KEN-DUCKY DERBY -an official Kentucky Derby Festival Event!

Join us Saturday, April 28th,2018 from 4pm-8pm at the Waterfront Fest-A-Ville, as we drop at least 35,000rubber ducks into the Ohio River.

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Cheer your duck to victory asthey race to the finish line!ONE lucky duck will win a 2018 DODGE RAMTRUCKprovided bySwope Family of Dealerships.2ndand 3rd place ducks will walk away with cash prizes. And every duck in the racehas the chance to winONE MILLION DOLLARS.

Your duck adoption benefitsindividuals with disabilities atHarbor House of Louisville.

Harbor House's mission is to"empowerindividuals with disabilities and their families to lead fulfilled andproductive lives."Come visit Harbor House to see how your duckadoption is changing lives, everyday.


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BBB April Hot Topics!

  1. Derby and Oaksare right around the corner, so if you are on the search for tickets, be sure you are dealing with a reputable business. Check out the company atbbb.orgfirst. Remember: if you are asked to wire money, it is most likely a scam.
  2. Starting April 2018, newMedicare cardswill be automatically mailed out to current subscribers. Scammers are calling consumers and demanding payment for these new cards or asking for personal information to “verify” your account. Don’t fall for these scams!
  3. TheIRS scam callsjust keep coming! Scammers are impersonating the IRS and threatening consumers with lawsuits or jail time for back taxes and demand payment over the phone. If you get one of these calls, just hang up!
  4. Local consumers are reportingdoor-to-door salesfrom companies offering reduced rates for services such as asphalt, home security, or roofing. These phony businesses ask for payment upfront before they begin work and are pushy and demanding. Before you hire someone, be sure to check out the company atbbb.org.
  5. Did you get an email saying yourGmailaccount is being shut down? It’s a scam! These phony emails threaten to shut down consumer’s Gmail accounts if they don’t provide personal information, like a social security number. Gmail will NEVER ask for that type of information.
  6. If you receive a call from someone offering you afree government grant, hang up the phone! Scammers are telling consumers they qualify for “free” grants because they pay their bills on time or are just good citizens, then ask for a small upfront fee before they can send the money.
  7. Businesses: Beware ofphony invoices! BBB has received reports of scammers who are posing as local chambers and government agencies. If you receive a suspicious email, contact the appropriate organization directly to find out if it’s real or not.
  8. Be careful withonline job opportunities. Scammers are targeting job seekers online and offering high salaries, excellent benefits, and no experience required. The only catch: they need an upfront fee to cover training or supplies. Remember: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  9. A local consumer reported aFacebook sweepstakes scamto BBB. The scammer claimed to be the Facebook CEO and contacted her through FB Messenger, saying she had won several million dollars. All she had to do was send in some money to cover taxes and fees.
  10. If you get a call or email from someone claiming to be with theFederal Trade Commission (FTC)– don’t respond! Scam artists are using the FTC’s name to gain your trust to try to get you to send money upfront to receive money from a recent lawsuit. Don’t fall for it!
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Reporting potholes iseasier than ever! Keeping our roads and community pristine is an importantissue to everyone in the area. Follow any of the three simple methods listedbelow when you see a pothole and Public Works will respond as soon as they canin order to fill them.

  • Call MetroCall 311 or 574-5000 to report potholes or anyother issues. You may also email them atmetro.call@louisvilleky.gov
  • Use Twitter by including the hashtag #502pothole and the location of the hole in any tweet.
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The APCDis creating a series of workshops along with new educational resources tobetter serve our community. Please take a few minutes to complete the surveyand let us know your thoughts. We will use your feedback as we plan ourworkshops and future community engagement efforts. The deadline to complete thesurvey is April 30, 2018.

Click Here to take the survey!

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Louisville Asset Building Coalition’sVolunteer Income Tax Assistance(VITA) sites and services. VITA sites are generally located at community centers, libraries, schools, government centers, and other convenient locations. Most locations offer free electronic filing.

Get free, reliable tax prep assistance and INVEST your tax prep savings!

To qualify, household income must be under $64,000.You may be eligible to receive an Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC).

For more information, visit www.labservices.org.


  • Sun Valley Community Center, 6505 Bethany Lane


  • Tuesday & Thursday: 10am – 7pm
  • Wednesday: 10am – 4pm
  • Saturday: 10am – 2pm


  • Call 502-305-0005
  • Walk-ins welcome
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AARP Foundation Tax-Aide helps low and moderate income taxpayers (moderate income is generally considered to be an adjusted gross income (AGI) of less than $60,000), with special attention to those 60 and older. This is a free service provided at no cost to the taxpayer, tips and gratuities are not permitted.

WHERE: Southwest Government Center, 7219 Dixie Highway, 40258

(Video) eNews - 01 June 2018

WHEN: February 1 - April 14, on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 9am-1pm


District 25 eNews, April 12, 2018 (11)

North of Greenwood Road

US 31W (Dixie Highway): Lane closures and sidewalkclosures in place between Greenwood Road and Heaton Road (mile markers 11.7 to14.5) due to construction for access management and bus rapid transit lines.Roadway is reduced to two lanes on northbound Dixie Highway between GreenwoodRoad and Blanton Laneandtwo lanes on southbound Dixie Highway between Heaton Road and Upper HuntersTrace.

South of Greenwood Road

US 31W (DixieHighway): Lane closures anddelays possible between Stonestreet Road and Pages Lane (mile markers 9.7 to10.5) due to asphalt paving. Lane closures are possible weeknights in thenorthbound lanes from 9:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. and in the southbound lanesfrom 9:00 p.m. until 8:00 a.m. Lane closures arepossible during daylight hours on Saturday, March 31 due to paving operations

District 25 eNews, April 12, 2018 (12)

1. What is the current schedule and completion date?

  • The new completion date for the project is May 15, 2018.

2. Whom is responsible for overseeing the Dixie Highway Paving Project?

  • The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, the State Government's agency charged with building and maintaining federal highways and Kentucky state highways is charged with overseeing the construction of the Dixie Paving Project.

3. Whom is the contractor charged with the infrastructure repair and repaving of Dixie Highway?

  • Hall Contracting of Kentucky, Inc. was awarded this contract in the amount of $14.5 million from the State.

4.Will the contractor be penalized for not completing all work by the completion date?

(Video) eNews - 12 July 2018

  • If the project continues beyond the May 15, 2018 deadline the contractor will be assessed a fine of $25,000 per day.

5.Who can we contact if we have concerns?

  • Will Nolan atwilliam.nolan@ky.govor Sherri Smith (502) 955-5436

Visit goky.ky.govfor the latest in traffic and travel information in the Commonwealth ofKentucky. You can also get traffic information for the District 5counties at facebook.com/KYTCDistrict5and twitter.com/KYTCDistrict5.


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