Calacinos Pizzeria and Sports Bar (2023)

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  • 5t. 1 year ago

    This is a legit sports bar. Got a giant projector plus tons of TVs playing the game. Pizza is good, but the crust is kinda weird - got an odd crunch to it, like they’re using cornflour or semolina on the bottom. Not bad, just weird. Typical beer you’d find at a sports bar is offered, though if you’re feeling ambitious they’ll fill up about a gallon of it into this weird contraption that I never got the name of. Real sense of community here - lots of locals. Everyone at the bar was ready to make conversation, and damn near everyone in the joint was vocal about the game that was being played. Pretty fun if you’re into that sort of thing. They had live music on the patio when we came. Overall left this place thinking “this is a damn good sports bar, wish we had something like it where I live”.

  • 5WBGV M. 10 months ago

    1st time ever there and I am not not critic, But... This definitely needs to be shared with the public and owners!I stopped by for lunch with a friend & I Absolutely loved the Beautiful state of West Virginia sports decor when we walked in.I was very grateful to see the seating availabilities they have to offer. A very nice 3 sided bar in the middle with lots of room to watch games, enjoy your grub & have a cold one. There are plenty of sit down tables in middle of sports bar, and my very favorite... plenty of high top tables (Either a Mountaineer or Thundering Herd table to choose from... I choose Mountaineers of course 😉) that surround outer wall. This is a great set up because you are guaranteed to see all TV's for the games or the big screen over hanging stage when a band is not playing, which I look fwd to seeing.Our waitress was very friendly and cheerful, she pointed out the owner to me but did not get a chance to meet him or his wife to tell them what a wonderful place they have!! Great menu selections, I Had the Calacinos Burger & I highly recommend you try it "it was over stunning delicious!! My friend had the Lobster Ravioli and reported it to be the best tasting they've ever tasted. I am a very Huge Wing Lover and when the waitress walked by with a plate loaded with wings, I lost all my concentration and my "wing senses" went off like crazy!! But I had already ordered. I was told cook was the waitress's son and he did an amazing stunning delicious job!!It is in a great good location and not very far from Interstate and Rt 19, plenty of motel/hotels very close by for out of towners or people traveling thru looking for a great place to go to. Rumor has it this place has been around for over 80yrs and after visiting here... I can most definitely see why. I wish I took pictures to share but I was totally blown away with how happy the place made me.I will most definitely be back very soon with more friends to tackle some of those wings, drink a cold one or two during a game and maybe I'll get a chance to tell the owners how much I loved my visit & what an amazing place the provide for thier town, state & traveling customers!!

  • 5Madison S. 1 year ago

    THIS is the place to be! They are always having a great crowd. Trivia is so much fun on Tuesdays, karaoke is a blast on Wednesday! They are all the time bringing in talented local bands. Just a great atmosphere and amazing owners. The pizza there is to die for!!!

  • 5Doug C. 1 year ago

    We came in Saturday night. Sat up front by the bar near the door. The young lady that waited on us was fantastic. While waiting for a keg to be changed at least one other waitress asked if we had been helped. Great service. beer was cold and food was good

  • 5Suzie S. 1 year ago

    First timer. Was looking for good pizza and we found it. Hubby got cheese steak pizza and i got my favorite white pizza. The were both terrific!! The little waitress was a sweet heart too which was a bonus.

  • 5Joel B. 2 months ago

    We decided to take a quick trip to Beckley for the evening and decided we were in the mood for pizza while we were down there. We found Calacino's after a quick Google search and decided to give them a try because their specialty pizzas looked great.The restaurant itself has a very good size parking lot, and a very cool entrance with the pizza oven right in front so you can see the pizza being made. The back room has a nice bar area and plenty of seating. Overall it seems to be a very cozy, chill locationThe food itself was great. We got an order of the Mac and Cheese bites appetizer, a chicken bacon ranch pizza, and a ranch pickle pizza. The Mac and Cheese bites had excellent flavor with a bit of spice, even being as small as they are. These are probably some of the best Mac and cheese bites I've had, as many places that make them they end up a bit bland, but these were great. Both pizzas were very good as well, the white sauce on both was creamy and flavorful and the toppings were well made. The crust is excellent, with a great flavor and texture on its own. We'll definitely try them again when we're in the area and try other things on the menu.

  • 5Lewis H. 3 months ago

    Wow! We attended a birthday party here and the service was superb. Food was so good and the beer was cold. If you order the Legursky just know it can feed 4 people. Wife and I shared it. It was like a Philly cheese steak on super thick soft pita. HUGE! The spiral cut potato chips with cheese and bacon are great...dipped in ranch, over the top. Live music was outstanding. Only slight down side was how loud the music was but still good. Great place!

  • 5Brian W. 3 months ago

    Was not sure what we were gonna get with this place at first. We were not sure how to even get into the building due to the wierd configuration. The front door is not the main entrance. Luckily the atmosphere service and food we found once we got in and seated was top notch. The waitress was super nice and came to check on us quite often. Our food came out quickly and was super delicious. They have lots of big screen TVs showing a variety of live sporting events. Looks like they do live music sometimes as well. We were there in the afternoon so unfortunately missed that part. This was the best food we had in the area that weekend. So glad we found it.

  • 5Ashley B. 4 months ago

    Best gyro around super yummy 😋 haven't had a decent gyro in 8 years made Mr super happy to find a good place for gyros. Pepperoni rolls are bomb. Husband says best meatball sub he's ever had. Will be bk for more gyros

  • 5Jesse M. 4 months ago

    So my honest opinion... Obviously a happening spot in Beckley. The band they had was pretty good, playing kind of a classic top 40 set. The staff and service were excellent. The food was just ok. We did not have the pizza, which is their specialty. Although, it did look excellent. My wife and I both had sandwiches... We will be back.

  • 4Dilip K. 4 months ago

    Pizza and service is good. We went after an exhausting day and the place is open till late, which worked out. One of the few restaurants we found to be open in the area. There’s loud/live music in another room but it didn’t bother much.

  • 3Josh R. 1 year ago

    Ok, food was solid, beer is good. Staff all hates each other and complains in front of customers. Food was great but literal quotes "This job is why I hate my life", "if _____ takes credit for my food one more time", "hey did anyone check in on you two and get your order or are they ignoring you like usual". It was awkward. Then we went in the back and music was awesome as well. We did see a young child about 10 years old back there that probably shouldn't have been there at 9:50 PM but to each their own.Food is great but staff despises each other and hate their jobs.

  • 2Jodi J. 1 year ago

    Food was okay (looked delicious but not much flavor). Service was SLOW! It's called a sports bar, but only if you're willing to watch a WV game. 8 screens, all with the same game.

  • 1Douglas F. 11 months ago

    We ordered door dash and they only sent half of our food and then we called the bartender Josh answered the phone and was rude as can be right off the bat and when we asked for a manager he stated that they don’t have managers there just owners and they where not there at this time. Courtney got on the phone and was very polite and got our order handled . Shame on the owners for not having managers to be there to handle these kind of situations.

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