Andrew Wiggins - (2023)

NBA Comparison: Vince Carter/Rudy Gay

Strengths: Off the charts run/jump athleticism … Lateral quickness and length also gives him great potential as a perimeter defender, along with versatility to guard both wing positions efficiently … Incredibly dangerous in transition opportunities, long strider with a quick first step, did a great job of scoring or getting fouled when getting out in transition … Shooting mechanics have improved greatly, with quickness enough to get his shot off under tight defense … Got to the FT stripe at a good rate, making 77.5% of his attempts … As an offensive rebounder, can keep possessions alive that very few others can due to his second jump and tremendous leaping ability … Challenged defensively at Kansas, often asked to guard the other teams leading scorer on the wing, doing an admirable job … Unselfish, will look for teammates and is an evolving playmaker … Spin move can become a major weapon in isolation, plus has shown a floater that over time could become a weapon … When being closely defended, his step back jumper has also been a move that is tough to guard … Plays with a quiet intensity and while some question his lack of emotion, also never gets to down … When he has been challenged, has shown an ability to step up to the challenge … Son of a former NBA player and an Olympic sprinter, has an understanding of the game and a knowledge of where to get to on the court … Conditioning is fantastic, played major minutes as a freshman and should be able to carry a solid work load immediately … Ability to run the floor is elite and ensures a certain level of success at NBA level … Very skinny but has the broad shoulders to add weight if he’s determined to … Showed an increased understanding of his role and got much lower on defense as the year progressed at Kansas, looks to be quite coachable … Aside from a poor final tournament game, seemed to be playing his best basketball as the season came to a close, including a huge 40 plus point breakout performance against West Virginia …

(Video) 2014 NBA Draft #1 Pick Overall (Andrew Wiggins) Cleveland Cavaliers

Weaknesses: The biggest issue is whether or not Wiggins has the mental make up to maximize his immense physical gifts. While some scouts are extremely high on him, there are just as many that question his focus and passion for the game … Often plays too upright on offense, which can get him off his base and lead to turnovers … Needs to work on moving without the ball, has a reputation of sometimes standing, ball watching … Defensive awareness is something he must work on, along with always running out to his spot and not relying completely on length, athleticism to challenge a player … Still needs to add upper body strength, had issues finishing around the basket and getting knocked off of his spot when defensive rebounding … Long range shot is still not overly consistent, sometimes turns his hand outward on follow through … Often loose with dribble, sometimes has the ball too high and gets exploited when double teamed … Some question his lack of assertiveness offensively, which calls into question his ability to be a primary option on a high level team … Battled inconsistency and struggled against physical defense, which could point to strength as well as a sign of shaky confidence … Should look to become a more vocal leader … Too often settled for long range shots and did not venture out of his comfort zone enough, still has many things to learn in terms of creating mid range shots and counter moves … Had a difficult time establishing post position, something that could be a crucial next step to utilize his quickness and size as a wing at the next level … Has been compared to Kobe Bryant, but the biggest difference appears to be the attention to detail. So far, granted Kobe’s is extremely rare, Wiggins has been lacking in this area. Will he develop this critical aspect in order to polish his all around game to achieve greatness?

Notes: Hype and expectations were enormous for his freshmen season, and he finished as a consensus 2nd Team All-American with averages of 17.1 ppg and 5.9 rpg … Even through ups and downs during his short time at Kansas, he showed glimpses of having exceptional potential as an NBA wing player … Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Wiggins has done very well when representing Canada in International competitions, going 2-0 as part of the World Team in the Nike Hoop Summit, averaging 18.5 ppg and 8 rpg … Shows enough athleticism and versatility to possibly play both wing positions, could become a match-up nightmare … The sky is the limit for him, as he’s been blessed with the type of athleticism that does not come along in every class. Considered by some as the best athlete to surface in 10 years, since LeBron James. Will he develop the work ethic to maximize those abilities is the question … A virtual lock as a top 3 pick with a chance to go first depending on who gets the selection …

Michael Visenberg 4/20/14

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Strengths: A freakishly gifted athlete with a remarkably smooth offensive game … Just about impossible to guard at this level, due to his athletic ability … Can effortlessly glide around any defender that plays up on him … Quick first step, and very long strides … Explosive athleticism … Once in the paint he either leaps over the defense for a soft runner, or throws down an electric dunk; either way, it’s generally a high-percentage shot … Has great size for either wing position, with a frame that is capable of holding a good amount of weight … Long wingspan, recently measured at 6’11" … Fantastic shooter on the perimeter … Already has NBA range … Quick trigger, with beautiful shot mechanics … If the ball isn’t in his hands, he likes to spot up in the corner, where he can get off an open shot on cut the baseline for an alley-oop play … Also has the ability to create separation off the dribble for a pull-up jumper … Good passing instincts and court vision … Defensively, he gets a lot of deflections … Uses length and anticipation to come up with a lot of steals and blocks … Father played in the NBA … Extremely young, and will only get better in time …

Weaknesses: Despite having immense skill and athletic abilities for a player of his age, there are still several concerns from people who watch him with regularity … Looks complacent at times on the court … Inconsistent motor … Needs to add more strength, though his body looks very good for a player his age, and this shouldn’t be a problem in a few years … Ball-handling ability is unrefined, but has a lot of potential … Doesn’t display a lot of toughness and isn’t a very physical player … He’s been receiving a considerable amount of hype on a multi-national scale since he was 13 years of age, which can derail the development of a prospect as it can lead to him trying to be a big celebrity instead of a great basketball player …

Overall: Wiggins has an unreal amount of potential and he’ll be under the eye of every scout over the next few years … Considered the top player in his class by most recruiting services, and has 1st overall pick potential whenever he enters the NBA draft …

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Notes: Measured6’7 (in shoes)190 lbs, with a6’11 wingspan at the 2011 LeBron James Skills Academy … Measured 6’7 (in shoes) 196 lbs, with a 6’11 wingspan at the 2012 LeBron James Skills Academy

Tyler Ingle 8/22/11

Many pundits feel that he could turn out to be an even better pro than Anthony Davis. Wiggins was the unanimous choice for the # 1 spot this year and for good reason. He possesses the special athleticism that separates very good players from great players. To round out his athleticism, he has matured and become more assertive and his refined skill package is a result of that. His jump shot from deep and in the midrange departments have greatly increased and he is more aggressive than he’s ever been. His handle, speed off the dribble and ability to get to the rim are "Kobe-esque". There were times this Spring when he simply looked like a man amongst boys. The alarming thing about it is that he still has a long way to go to become the type of player he is capable of. He is a special talent and has unlimited potential. If he continues to stay hungry and work to improve, we’re looking at the game’s next superstar.

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-Ian Powers 6/29/12

Youtube Clip 12/8/2010

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Youtube Clip 10/12/2009


Who did Golden State trade for Andrew Wiggins? ›

Finally, the two teams worked out the deal on the morning of the trade deadline with Golden State sending Russell and two bench pieces -- Omari Spellman and Jacob Evans -- to Minnesota in exchange for Wiggins, a top-three protected first-round pick and a second-round pick in the 2021 NBA Draft.

How old is Andrew Wiggins? ›

How tall is Andrew Wiggins? ›

How much money does Andrew Wiggins make a year? ›

Why does Wiggins cover the Nike logo? ›

Andrew Wiggins covered the Swoosh logo on Kobe basically saying that Nike shoes are great to play with doesn't want to acknowledge or represent Nike.

Who is Wiggins mother? ›

A two-time Olympic silver medalist, Marita Payne-Wiggins is one of the most gifted female Canadian athletes of all time and she happens to be Andrew Wiggins' mom. Her impact on Andrew has made him the player he is today.

Where is Jordan Poole from? ›

How old is Poole? ›

Why was Mitchell Wiggins suspended? ›

Mitchell Wiggins

In 1986, the Rockets faced off against the Celtics in the NBA Finals. Houston ended up losing the series and later that year, Wiggins, along with Lloyd, tested positive for cocaine. The failed drug test meant that the pair would be suspended from the NBA for two-and-a-half years.

Who are Wiggins parents? ›

Andrew Wiggins

Who is Wiggins brother? ›

Andrew Wiggins

Where did Wiggins go to college? ›

How tall is Harford? ›

How tall is Jimmy Butler? ›

What is Luka doncic net worth? ›

With Luka Doncic's basketball IQ, intangibles, and skills, he helped his country, Slovenia, win the EuroBasket title in 2017. Luka Doncic Net Worth 2022 is Approximately $25 million which is huge and helps him in living a good life.

Who is the highest paid NBA player 2022? ›

LeBron James scores the top spot with $119.5 million, including an estimated $75 million from sponsors, memorabilia, royalties and media. James' lifetime agreement with Nike is his most lucrative deal and represents roughly 40% of his off-court earnings.

How much money does kd make a year? ›

How much did he pay for the Nike logo? ›

The amazing truth is graphic student Carolyn Davidson only received an initial $35 for creating one of the world's best-known logos. That's a little over $200 when you adjust for inflation. The $35 payment came from Phil Knight offering Carolyn $2 per an hour for original design work.

How much did Nike buy the logo for? ›

The image also resembles a wing and hinted at the brand name, Nike, named after the Greek goddess of victory. After some work on the logo, Davidson then handed the design over to Knight for a mere $35.

Why did Nike choose orange? ›

When the first Nike-branded shoes were launched in 1972, sneakers tended to come in either white or blue boxes. To make his new shoes stand out, Nike founder Phil Knight opted for a bright orange box.

Are Matur and makur maker brothers? ›

Maker is a cousin of basketball players Thon Maker and Matur Maker. Makur is also a cousin of Aliir Aliir who plays for Port Adelaide in the Australian Football League. He has six brothers and one sister. Maker descends from the Dinka people in South Sudan.

Who is Mychal Johnson? ›

Mychal Johnson is a sophomore guard on the University of Notre Dame women's basketball team.

Does Wiggins have siblings? ›

Andrew Wiggins

How much is the salary of Jordan Poole? ›

Upcoming Contract Extension
Contract:4 yr(s) / $128,000,000
Average Salary:$32,000,000
Guaranteed at Signing$123,000,000
Signed Using:Rookie Extension/Bird
Free Agent:2027 / UFA

Does Poole have a girlfriend? ›

Jordan Poole is a young and talented point guard playing for the Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA).
Jordan Poole's profile.
Full nameJordan Poole (JP)
GirlfriendKim Cruz
Net worth$3.9 million
Social mediaInstagram
7 more rows
26 Sept 2022

What is Jordan Poole real name? ›

Jordan Anthony Poole was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Monet and Anthony Poole in 1999. He has one brother and one sister.

Is Brian Poole married? ›

In 1968 he married Pamela Poole (née Rice). They have two daughters, Shelly McErlaine (née Poole) and Karen Etherington (née Poole), who were both in Alisha's Attic.

What does Poole mean? ›

/puːl/ /puːl/ ​a port and resort town on the south coast of England, just west of Bournemouth. Questions about grammar and vocabulary?

How much is Shawn Kemp worth right now? ›

Shawn Kemp Net Worth
Net Worth:$5 Million
Date of BirthNov 26, 1969 (52 years old)
Place of BirthElkhart
Height6 ft 9 in (2.08 m)
2 more rows

How much money does Aaron Wiggins make? ›

Salary: $1,563,518
2021/22Oklahoma City Thunder$1,305,761 ($1,424,059*)
Total$1,305,761 ($1,424,059*)

Was the Wiggins dunk overturned? ›

Luckily for Wiggins, the Warriors and NBA fans everywhere, coach Steve Kerr challenged the call on the floor and after a review, the ruling was overturned, counting Wiggins' dunk. The dunk and the initial offensive foul caused NBA Twitter to explode.

Does Wiggins have a younger brother? ›

Andrew Wiggins

How old is Jabari Parker? ›

Where is Tristan Thompson from? ›

How old is Jordan Poole? ›

How did Wiggin get to Warriors? ›

Wiggins' significant role in Golden State's postseason capped off a remarkable career turnaround. He was originally acquired by the Warriors in February 2020 in a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves for D'Angelo Russell, Jacob Evans and Omari Spellman.

Is Poole the third splash brother? ›

Even though his performance in the latter stages of the playoffs has left something to be desired, it's evident that Poole is on his way to becoming a star in the NBA for years to come. And all of that has earned him the honorary title of being the third 'Splash Brother' alongside Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

Where did Jabari Parker go to college? ›

When was Wiggins born? ›

Who is Al Horford married to? ›

Amelia Vega Polanco (born 7 November 1984) is a Dominican model, actress, author, singer and beauty queen. At the age of 18, she won the Miss Universe 2003 pageant, becoming the first ever Miss Universe from the Dominican Republic, as well as the youngest winner since 1994. She is married to Al Horford.

How old is Grant Williams? ›

How old is Ime Udoka? ›

Is Jimmy Butler friends with Mark Wahlberg? ›

Jimmy Butler and Mark Wahlberg might be the most unlikely friendship in the NBA. Dating back to Butler's days in Chicago, the now Miami Heat forward has had a tight relationship with the Hollywood actor. The two have gone on trips together. Butler actually trained Wahlberg's daughter.

How tall is Caleb Martin? ›

How tall is Wade? ›

Why did the Warriors trade for Andrew Wiggins? ›

The Warriors remained adamant that they loved Wiggins' skills and believed him to be part of their core going forward. Ten games into the 2020-21 NBA season, there's no doubt Myers mugged the T-Wolves. Wiggins arrived in the Bay with a reputation as an inefficient offensive player and a disinterested defender.

How did BamBam help Andrew Wiggins? ›

One of the most common ways for fans to vote for the All-Star Game starters was Twitter, using hashtags with the players' names. The Warriors social media team partnered with BamBam – and leveraged his 9 million followers on Twitter – to boost Wiggins' total.

What did Jimmy Butler say about Andrew Wiggins? ›

Butler once called Wiggins the "most God-gifted player" he's seen. "That was all I needed to hear to be honest, because Jimmy doesn't like anybody," Iguodala said. "So when Jimmy said he liked Wiggs, I kind of started looking at it different."

Who did the Nets trade Dlo for? ›

On June 22, 2017, Russell was traded, along with Timofey Mozgov, to the Brooklyn Nets in exchange for Brook Lopez and the rights to Kyle Kuzma, the 27th pick in the 2017 NBA draft.

Why cant Simmons and Wiggins be on the same roster? ›

Where things get complicated, though, is with Wiggins. Thompson mentions in his report that Wiggins cannot be traded to Brooklyn while Ben Simmons remains on the roster, due to the NBA's rule in the CBA that prohibits a team from having two players that received "Designated Rookie Max" deals on the same team.

Will Andrew Wiggins be a free agent? ›

Wiggins is entering the final season of his max contract he inked with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2017 and will be an unrestricted free agent in 2023. Poole, the No.

Is BamBam a Warriors fan? ›

Having supported the Warriors for a while now, it is cool to see the team finally bring him in for a performance.

Who is Bam Bam Kpop? ›

Kunpimook Bhuwakul (Thai: กันต์พิมุกต์ ภูวกุล; RTGS: Kanphimuk Phuwakun; pronounced [kan pʰíʔ múk pʰuː wá kun]; born May 2, 1997), nicknamed BamBam (Korean: 뱀뱀; RR: Baembaem; Thai: แบมแบม), is a Thai rapper and singer based in South Korea, and a member of the boy band Got7.

What did Andre Iguodala say to Wiggins? ›

' And the way you looked at me and you said, 'We've got to win tomorrow,' I just told Evan earlier, 'Bro, when Wiggs said that, I'm like, we good. '”

Are Wiggins and Kat friends? ›

Andrew Wiggins spent the first six years of his career with the Minnesota Timberwolves. It was during this time that the former Rookie of the Year, who now plies his trade with the Golden State Warriors, developed quite a friendship with Timberwolves superstar Karl-Anthony Towns.

Who was Jimmy Butler traded for? ›

It has been over two years since the Chicago Bulls pulled the trigger on a draft night trade that sent star Jimmy Butler and the No. 16 pick (Justin Patton) to the Minnesota Timberwolves for Zach LaVine, Kris Dunn and the No. 7 pick (Lauri Markkanen).

Why was Jay Z forced to sell the Nets? ›

Jay-Z, aka Sean Carter, held a tiny piece of the Nets for 10 years, from 2003 till 2013 when he was forced to sell to avoid a potential conflict of interest as a player agent.

Why did Nets trade Jordan? ›

The move is largely a financial one for Brooklyn, which will save $47 million in salary and tax on the deal. Jordan's time with the Pistons will be brief, as he and the Pistons have agreed to a buyout that could actually be profitable to Jordan.

Why did Nets trade Allen? ›

On Monday morning, just hours before Allen plays the Nets, Steve Nash spoke about the trade, admitting that the Nets were willing to deal Allen partly because they understood his price tag this past off-season would likely be very high, indeed too high. The team had other priorities at the time.


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