8 Cheap Places to Rent a Conference Room Near You (2023)

If you’re ever in need of a conference room, where would you look? You might need a conference room for several reasons.

Maybe you’re a small business owner who works from home and needs a conference room occasionally for staff meetings. Or perhaps you want to put on a conference sharing about your product or service?

Whatever the reason, know that there are many places you might be able to find a conference room for cheap near you. And saving money on conference rooms and other expenses is one of the keys to running a successful business.

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  • Top Places to Rent a Conference Room
    • 1. Virtual Offices
    • 2. The Local Library
    • 3. Your Local Chamber of Commerce
    • 4. A Restaurant Near You
    • 5. Your Bank or Credit Union
    • 6. A Coworking Space
    • 7. A Hotel Conference Room
    • 8. Your Local City Hall
    • 9. Museums, Colleges and Other Local Venues
  • Summary

Top Places to Rent a Conference Room

There are plenty of options for renting a conference room. Prices and details vary, and of course, the city where you live will dictate your choices. Larger metropolitan areas will have more options than smaller towns.

However, some of these options should work no matter where you live. Just like outsourcing for payroll and other services, outsourcing your need for a conference room can be a smart idea for business owners. Here are some ideas for renting conference rooms near you.

1. Virtual Offices

A virtual office is office space businesses can rent for a short time. This makes much more financial sense for many companies than owning or leasing a building.

Virtual offices are an up and coming “big thing” in the world of business. Since the typical user of virtual office spaces is the small business owner, it is no surprise. This article from Fundera tells us that 99.7% of businesses in the U.S. alone are small businesses.

With so many small business startups, it makes sense that the business of virtual offices is gaining momentum. Here are some companies that offer conference rooms to rent.

Alliance Virtual Offices

Alliance Virtual Offices is a great way to have your own home office. They have worldwide virtual offices, live reception services, virtual phone numbers, meeting room and coworker spaces, and more.

First, start by your location. Next, it will show you the locations available, the price and the offerings at that site. Some of the sites will show add ons as well as monthly specials like one month free.

This is a great way to demonstrate a local, professional presence in a city near you instantly with a secure address.

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Regus offers meeting rooms to rent in over 3,000 locations. From smaller interview rooms to large training rooms, Regus can find the right-sized conference room for your needs.

They’ll also customize the layout of the room to meet your specific needs. Regus can include catering, coffee and projection equipment as well if you need them to do that.

You can rent by the hour or design other rental time options, and rental is easy via the Regus app. The room you rent will be set up and ready to go as specified when you arrive.


Peerspace is a virtual gathering place for available rental of conference rooms and other spaces. People and businesses list their spaces on Peerspace, and you can rent them out.

It’s kind of like the Airbnb of the conference room world. The company launched in 2014 and now has listings for conference rooms and other rental spaces throughout the United States.

Peerspace gives you a more personalized experience for booking conference rooms and other spaces. As with Airbnb, you’ll work directly with the building’s owner to schedule your meeting or other event.

Opus VirtualOffices

Opus VirtualOffices has conference rooms for rent throughout the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. They have over 600 locations to provide you with a variety of virtual office services.

Opus VirtualOffices provides live receptionist phone services, business voicemail and more. Many locations–though not all–have conference room facilities as well.

Typically, you’ll have to sign up for a monthly virtual office plan if you want to take advantage of conference room rental spaces. But the monthly plans are fairly affordable, starting at only $99 per month.

Call your local Opus VirtualOffices location to find out if locations near you offer conference room spaces. Be sure to get the details to whether or not conference room rental is a part of the monthly service package.

If it’s not, ask for specific costs on conference room rental.

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions

Davinci Virtual Office Solutions has thousands of locations throughout the United States and the world. Like some of the other companies mentioned here, Davinci offers professional virtual office services like live receptionists and business voicemail.

They offer rentable coworking office spaces too. However, you can rent conference rooms from Davinci without having to take advantage of their other service packages.

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One nice thing about Davinci is that they won’t rent their conference rooms for personal events such as birthday parties or anniversary parties. You can only rent their conference rooms for business events.

Contact Davinci via the link above to find out more about available spaces and rental prices.


LiquidSpace is a company that connects people with spaces for rent with potential renters. With LiquidSpace, you can rent desks, offices and conference rooms.

You can find available conference room spaces all over the United States with LiquidSpace. Depending on where you want to rent, you can find a variety of meeting spaces in all sizes, locations and price ranges.


Meetings.com is a one-stop-shop for planning any business or personal event. They’ll help you find conference and meeting rooms for nearly any size event.

Plus, they’ll help you advertise your event with a personalized web page. You can also coordinate catering services through Meetings.com if need be.

They’ve got access to meeting rooms that can accommodate just about any business or personal need.


Evenues is a marketplace where Davinci and other conference room rental companies advertise their available spaces. The helpful thing about using a site like Evenues is that you can get information about a variety of conference room rental companies in one web location.

You can find national and worldwide companies advertising meeting space on Evenues, as well as smaller, local company meeting spaces. Prices and availability vary, of course, depending on the company you choose to rent from.

2. The Local Library

Libraries often have conference rooms that they rent out to the public for various uses. One convenient thing about using the library is that libraries typically have several locations within a city.

Your library may charge you to use one of their conference rooms–or they might let you use the space for free if you live in the area. Contact your local library by phone, or stop in and talk to library staff for more information.

3. Your Local Chamber of Commerce

City Chamber of Commerce groups often have designated meeting rooms available for local business owners. Sometimes these rooms are offered free of charge–other times there’s a fee.

Note that you may have to become a member of the Chamber of Commerce to take advantage of conference room space. However, this isn’t a bad thing. Networking with an organization like your local chamber of commerce can open up opportunities for more business.

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Simply do an internet search like “Chamber of Commerce near me” to get contact information for your local Chamber of Commerce.

4. A Restaurant Near You

Many restaurants offer banquet rooms they will rent out to individuals and business owners for a small fee. Or some restaurants will give you the room free of charge with a food order of a minimum dollar amount.

Using a restaurant banquet room for conference space can be a nice way to provide a meal or appetizers for your event guests. Call your favorite local restaurants to find out if they have a banquet room available and what the costs are to utilize it.

5. Your Bank or Credit Union

Banks and credit unions often have conference room space to use as well. Many banks and credit unions require you to be a member or account holder to use their conference room space.

Some banks and credit unions charge for this privilege, while others may offer free use of the conference room for account holders. Call or stop into local banks and credit unions to get information on renting conference rooms there.

6. A Coworking Space

A coworking space is a shared office space. Typically, two or more business owners will share the rent for an office space that includes small offices, cubicles or meeting and conference rooms.

Coworking spaces are convenient because you, as a business owner, can have daily access to business space. However, you don’t have to foot the entire leasing bill for it.

If you split the cost of leasing the space with one, two or more other business owners, you save money while still having the space you need. As a coworking space tenant, you can divide the area and the rent based on individual group members’ needs.

For example, you might want a small office and access to the conference room. However, your co-tenant might want conference room access only.

Of course, details like dates and times you’ll have access to the conference room will vary based on your co-tenant agreement details. For that reason, you’ll want to ensure you write up the coworking space lease in a way that covers your business’s conference room needs.

Also, be sure to hammer out details such as damage deposit amounts and specifics on getting out of the lease should your needs change.

7. A Hotel Conference Room

Hotels often have conference rooms in varying sizes for events like weddings and business meetings. The size of the hotel or hotel chain will often dictate the availability, price and size of conference rooms you can expect to find.

Many hotels will offer catering services with room rental as well, from coffee and donuts to full-fledged meals. Setup and cleanup services are often included when you rent a meeting room or conference room from a hotel.


Contact hotels in your area to find out more about types of spaces, rental rates, availability and other details.

8. Your Local City Hall

City hall buildings sometimes have conference rooms for rent. They need conference rooms to host meetings for city officials, town meetings, training and more.

City hall conference rooms are usually set up to accommodate technical needs and fit a variety of sizes of meetings. They often have coffee makers and other beverage machines and may allow you to bring in food as well.

Your city may offer this service as one of the benefits of being a resident. Notably, the city might charge for the use of its conference rooms, or you might be able to use them for free. Contact your city hall administrative office for more details.

9. Museums, Colleges and Other Local Venues

Lastly, there are often conference room rentals at other professional venues near you. For example, I live in the Minneapolis area. We have art museums such as the Walker Art Center that will rent out conference room spaces.

In addition, some of the many colleges and universities here will rent out conference rooms too. There are even learning centers and other private businesses with conference room space they will rent out to small business owners and other individuals.

Business office buildings that rent space to different businesses are another option. Simply call their property management office to get information on the ability to rent conference rooms in the building.

You can likely find dozens of places that will rent their conference rooms out to you when they’re not using them. From a business perspective, it just makes sense for companies to utilize those spaces when they’re not using them.

Search out business venues near you and call their offices to see if they rent their conference rooms out. You’re bound to find at least a few business centers that are willing to rent out conference room space.


Conference rooms for your business needs are available in all kinds of different forms. Whatever your conference room needs, you can find a way to rent or borrow the right space for your business.

Renting conference rooms on an as-needed basis is often much more cost-effective than leasing office space year-round.

Whether you run a home-based business, an online business or simply don’t have an on-site conference room in your building, you can find reasonable ways to rent conference room space.

How do you find conference room spaces for your business? Feel free to share your experience with us.

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Where can I hold a meeting for free? ›

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  • Community/Metro Parks. ...
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  • Coffee Shops.

How much does it cost to hold a conference at a hotel? ›

That said, the average cost of renting a conference room ranges from $50-$150 per hour. If you are looking to host an event that will last longer than a few hours, you might want to look for a conference room you can rent for the whole day or even multiple days.

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