October 19, 2021 1:33 am

The Conspiracy Against Live Organ Donations

I feel that it is the responsibility of those of us who have donated to stop all the flattery and to let people know the truth… that what we did is no big deal… at least not by comparison to the life and death battle that has been going donate a kidney on, often for many years, in the lives of the recipients. Others could do the same thing, and others would do the same thing if only they knew about it. Not everyone perhaps, but enough to solve the shortage of kidneys.

We live in a world where there is a lot of talk about doing good, but in reality, most of us do not like anyone coming across as better than ourselves. Such people embarrass us and make us feel uncomfortable. Usually, we can just ignore those whom we perceive as super-saints, largely because we do not bump into such people very often; but if someone persists in calling for others to imitate what they have done (on the grounds that it was not heroic so much as an exciting adventure), then we have to de-value their actions, and to ridicule them as extreme, maybe even dangerous.

I have listed quite a few ways in which teaching on live unrelated organ donations can be silenced before it ever begins. Those who have heard and decided against donating plug up the communication channels for everyone else. They tell themselves that people who do donate altruistically are crazy or fanatics, and they try to convince themselves and others that there is some other ‘easy’ solution (e.g. signing donor cards or maybe even harvesting the organs of animals) Can you see how this ‘conspiracy’ has worked so effectively to stop people from hearing the facts?

Nevertheless, if there are enough people willing to take a stand against this attitude, then over time live undirected kidney donations will become almost as widely accepted as bone marrow donations are today. And when that happens, the same people who condemned us when we started pushing for more live non-directed kidney donations will praise those of us who pushed for such a change. It’s just the way society works.

So if you want to be part of the change, start checking into what is involved in donating a kidney. I recommend that you visit livingdonorsonline.com where you will find people (mostly live organ donors and people contemplating live organ donations) arguing both sides, but also sharing lots of practical information from their own experiences.

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