October 24, 2021 5:44 am

How to Choose Snowboarding Outerwear Pants

One of the most important pieces of your snowboarding clothing will be your snowboarding outerwear pants. A long snowboarding day in unsuitable pants will be uncomfortable and frustrating so when you buy your outerwear pants you should be checking the following:

1. Waterproofing – Of course this is the most important in order to keep you dry
2. Wind proofing – To help reduce the https://sirebypbk.com/ wind chill factor on windy days
3. Breathability – To ensure your body is well ventilated plus this will also help the evaporation of sweat
4. Insulation – To make sure you stay warm

Each piece of snowboarding clothing and of course the outerwear pants have a rating which takes into consideration the above 4 points. These ratings will probably vary between 3,000 to 10,000. You don’t necessarily need the highest rating; it will all depend on the climate of the area where you plan to be snowboarding. This is something you should check in advance so you will know what rating to purchase.

Inexperienced snowboarders might assume that a place with snow is always cold; however, some snowy areas can be quite warm. If you have purchased very high ratings, and the climate is fairly dry and warm, you might find that you will be too warm and become very sweaty and uncomfortable.

A silly thing like buying the wrong outerwear pants or snowboard jacket could mean you spend the day either wet and cold or hot and sweaty. This obviously will spoil your snowboarding experience.

The Internet makes it very easy to discover the climate of your Snowboarding area, and you can always join an online snowboarding forum and find someone who has been to the same area at the same time of the year.

Don’t forget that you won’t have much fun if you have chosen the wrong clothing, so make it a priority to choose the correct outerwear pants and snowboard jacket for your perfect snowboarding experience this year.

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