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Louis the Fourteenth, King of France

Louis the Fourteenth, King of France:

King Louis XIV, the Sun King, inventor of Ballet and Tennis, was also a particularly vain peacock of a King. When JAPANESE SILK WIG faced with the beginning of hair loss, the King began yet another fashion (in addition to silk vests and high heels for men) – the Male wig. Louis’ wings were so elaborate, that they were built on a wire frame, and more often than not, consisted of three heads of hair in one wig!

The Plains Indians:

Male warriors wore their hair long among the Plains Indians in Northern America. They decorated their hair with feathers and beads, and Chiefs wore large featherhead dresses with additional locks of hair and strings of beads hanging from them, which were considered to be highly impressive. Perhaps the most telling sign of the significance of the hair and scalp in their culture was scalping. People firmly believed that by taking your enemy’s hair you strip him off his manhood. An Indian warrior with the greatest number of scalps hanging from his wigwam was a very powerful man indeed!

The Rastafarian Dreadlocks:

Perhaps the most significant indicator of the Rastafarian social and religious movement is the dreadlocks, which became so popular to this day. The Rastafarian express their spiritual beliefs by wearing locks.

Shaving off the Hair:

Most Monks of all religions, as well as Nuns of the Buddhist faith, shave their head as a symbol of releasing the vanities of the material life. The fact that the vanity involved in hair is so embedded in the human mind is definitely a factor in these vows. Simplicity means having no hair to be vain about, the Buddhist Monks and Nuns say. The unsaid current is, of course, how powerful and strong and beautiful our hair can make us feel, and how deeply we are attached to it.

The Cowboy:

There is probably a second, less verbalized reason for the Cowboy Hat then just sun protection. Cowboys, embodying the most masculine and virile male archetype, battled their hair loss magnificently. The most tough and hardened cowboys lined up to spend their hard earned money on worthless “Snake Oil”, hair growing tonics peddled by charlatan “Doctors” from the side shows and stages of the great wild west medicine shows. Cowboys also used the trick of rubbing grease into their hair, causing it to look thicker. While this was slightly effective, it was a very messy process.

So you see, being obsessed with your hair is a completely normal human emotion!


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