October 19, 2021 3:03 am

Jesus Christ Is A Work Of Fiction

It is the most difficult thing to get one’s head around. Are there three people posing as one god, or is it one god with three heads? Only in the New Testament is such a being described and even there the attempt at explaining it is rather vague. The facts are that it was put in place when Constantine established the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD and manufactured Jesus Christ based on Krishna, the third person of the Vedic Trinity.

This Indian religion had been circulating in the region for some time as Greek philosophers studied it when they explored the beliefs of many nations. Krishna was born of the virgin, Maya, and was taken to Egypt when his parents were warned that the evil king Cansa threatened to kill all babies so as to eliminate a threat to his position.

Returning to India at the age of twelve Krishna’s first miracle was turning water to wine. It follows the natural return of the sun in spring and then the harvest of summer. The same story adheres to other avatars, such as Bacchus. The recycling of the story into Christianity was a natural progression in a superstitious world where change was not appreciated and unacceptable. cansa

Constantine addressed this by his decrees that anyone who would not worship the image he set before them should be killed. His violence and threats continued through the Vatican which he built as a parliament of bishops to bring control and order to the empire. He had fought and manipulated his way to sole rule and this was part of his plan to carry out his ambition. The last Caesar he had killed was Crispus, his eldest son.

In Revelation 13:12-18 his work is described and he is identified as 666. The Trinity God that he put in place is a great mystery and handicap to those who seek the truth and are responding to their sense of spirituality. It is the reason many are leaving religions in droves as the end of the day approaches.

My reincarnation experience proves that heaven and hell are non existent and the power behind religions. The 2 beasts of Revelation set them in place and built a massive wall of deceit that hides the real God.


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