October 19, 2021 2:03 am

Managed Services Take You To The Road To Success

Telecommunication has always been one of the most stable and consistently growing industry. From a simple bell to a fixed line phone to the most recent VoIP  Azure Managed Services call termination services, its growth has been tremendous. Business houses who have an eye for the profitable prepositions have ventured into the field of IP telephony. However one small glitch that is stopping more people from stepping into this field is the high level of investment required to start the business.

Noticing this, the existing VoIP providers in order to attract more people to this field have started offering managed VoIP services to resellers and wholesalers. Anyone who has a wide client base and an effective marketing team is bound to gain from managed network partitioning service.

Understanding Managed Partitioning Services

Calls made using the voice over Internet protocol technology is mostly send via VoIP switch. There are number of other switches too which can be used for the same purpose. However one of the most reliable and stable is the Nexttone switch. Besides being the most reliable, nexttone is also the most expensive switch available in the market.

VoIP service providers offer a part of this switch to the resellers and wholesalers, dedicated to their individual cause. This gives them the benefit of using the best switch existing in the market for an affordable sum as its rent. The switch is owned and maintained solely by the voice over IP providers. As a result there is absolutely no maintenance cost either.

Besides this equipped with this switch gives you the instant ability to terminate over 20,000 calls! This is definitely the best way for switchless VoIP resellers to expand their business without spending a large sum as investment.

An add on to this service that may be provided by your service provider is the call detail report through online billing. Managed partitioning service [http://www.connect2globe.com/managed-partition-services.html] also help in generating over 100 different reports thereby giving you greater control over your business.

If you want to expand your business or contemplating stepping into the field of VoIP services then managed network partitioning is the definitely the best bet!


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